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How Herbal Products Are Revolutionizing The Wellness Products Industry


The wellness industry is the right hand of the medical industry. Without medicines and healthcare products the medical industry will be doomed overnight. To keep up with the changing economic and demographic scenario, even the wellness industry needs to adapt to the new norms.


One such change is the introduction of a new product line into mainstream healthcare products. It is none other than the herbal products. Recently, with the discovery of new diseases and reported side effects of the synthesized and processed medicine, herbal products have experienced a new rush.


They Have Lower Production Costs And Higher Profit Margins


Herbal products are manufactured using natural ingredients and processing them without any preservatives or enhancements. Omission of additives has significantly reduced the cost of production. Since there are no additives or preservatives added during the manufacturing of herbal products, there is no need for the related machinery and inventory as well. The simple yet financially beneficial production of herbal products has yet retained the higher margins to profit.


Everyone Is Turning Herbal


As already mentioned, the synthesized medicines have side effects. People are learning more and more about new diseases that are caused due to additives and preservatives in the allopathic medicines. This has had an adverse effect on the sales of synthetic wellness products.


Eventually, it has been observed by the marketing professionals that people are turning heads towards herbal products over the synthetic ones. Not just the population, but the manufacturers have also recognized the potential in herbal products and their benefits. Leading manufacturers of wellness products including Deloitte, Amway, etc have already started mass scale production of the herbal products.


Herbal Science Is Ancient Science


For thousands of years, South Asian countries have practiced herbal and ayurvedic medicines. The science is itself, in fact, thousands of years old. Hindu manuscripts have a whole book (known as Atharva-veda) dictating health care practices.


Originally shared orally, Ayurveda was recorded around 5000 years ago. It is this branch of ancient science that has evolved into modern herbal healthcare science. The book explains various rituals and practices that one should practice in day to day life to stay healthy.


These herbal products are directly extracted from the plants and herbs, processed for better results (but no additives are added). This science has in fact resulted in better healthcare services and fewer common sicknesses. And in a few cases, diseases like cancer have also been cured or stabilized with the help of herbal medicines.


It is suggested that consuming herbal healthcare products while practicing yoga on a regular basis is far more beneficial than any other healthcare procedure. Yoga which is again an ancient science is closely related to Ayurveda, thus are advised to be practiced together. This ancient science has truly transformed the modern wellness industry.


They Are Premium Products


While there are no additives or preservatives added to the herbal products, the extraction of healthy elements from the herbs requires special skills. It is not like the extracted material is packed and supplied as such in the market. Before and after the extraction of the healthy elements from the desired herbs, a lot of processes are involved just to make sure that the undesired or harmful elements are removed. And we all know that special skills demand premium treatments.


Herbal products have gained a premium stand in the retail market. Due to this reason, the price of most of the herbal products is comparative to the synthesized products meant for a similar application. For example, this article (http://www.thebeardmag.com/grooming/grooming-articles/5-ways-on-how-real-gentlemen-take-care-of-their-body/) has explained how healthcare products are being used by the premium class. This is another reason that there are higher margins in herbal products and more profits. That is the reason more and more manufacturers are turning towards herbal products.


This ancient science is not just changing the wellness industry but also affecting mankind, positively. People have reported better health and fitness effects after they started using herbal products. While the big corporate houses and manufacturers of the wellness product have identified the immense potential of this revolutionary ancient science, they are trying to find new ways of making these products better and cheaper to manufacture.


The industry is slowly but gradually shifting towards these healthier options. The increasing demand and popularity of herbal products have opened the market for some new-comers as well. They are cheaper, they are healthier, and they are luxury products. With endless benefits and absolutely no side effects, herbal products are a must-have in every household.


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