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4 Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For Engagement Rings In Melbourne


Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be a stressful, confusing and long process. Usually, you will be doing this alone as you will be wanting to surprise your partner when popping the big question. This can bring about many risks such as choosing the wrong design, the wrong cut of diamond or buying an overpriced ring. To help out, here are four important things to keep in mind when looking for engagement rings in Melbourne.

  1. Find A Wholesale Jeweller

Let's face it, buying a diamond engagement ring is expensive. The danger here is that it is easy to walk into any jeweller and be tempted with sparkling diamond rings that are out of your price range. Unless you know about all the industry terminology such as what clarity, carat, cut and colour is best, then it's easy to fall into the trap of paying a high price without realising. Finding a wholesale jeweller means that they are able to sell their diamonds at wholesale prices to their customers and cut out all middlemen involved. This guarantees that you won't have to stretch your budget when looking for an engagement ring.

  1. Make Sure They Only Sell GIA Diamonds

Again, unless you have an understanding of diamonds then it's hard to know if the diamond engagement ring you are buying is really worth the price tag. A way to avoid this situation is by finding a jeweller that only deals with GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) certified diamonds. GIA is the world's leading authority on the grading and quality of diamonds. Buying a GIA certified diamond drastically cuts down time researching the quality as they maliciously grade their diamonds for their clarity, incursions, cut, colour, fluorescence, carat and more.

  1. Know What Their Ring Size Is

Buying an engagement ring without knowing your partner's ring size is a recipe for disaster. To avoid this, there are ways to obtain their ring size without them knowing. You can ask their close friends what their ring size is, you can trace around the inner circle of one of their rings on a piece of paper or just simply borrow one of their rings and bring it to the jeweller for measurement.

  1. Understand What Their Style Is

There is no point spending all that time and money searching for an engagement ring if it doesn't match your partner's taste. After all, they are the one who is going to be wearing it for the rest of their life! To get an idea, take a look at what jewellery they currently own and observe the colours, metals and styles that they are into. You can also ask their friends or even take them shopping for jewellery. Observe what catches their eyes such as styles, colours, shapes and designs. This is all important ammunition for when you go hunting for that perfect engagement ring.

Searching for engagement rings in Melbourne can be tricky if unprepared. Keep these four important factors in mind and this will save you time, money and stress.



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