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4 Tips, 4 Months to Get Healthy Hair for Your D-Day

For every bride and groom maintaining an effective hair care routine is a must. Most of the couples make a huge mistake by giving attention to their hair only a month before their wedding. This results in frizzy, dry and unmanageable hair. The desire to have a healthy mane is an achievable target if given proper attention to it. Hence it comes as no surprise that most of the hair specialists, as well as stylist, advises the couple to start giving their hair proper heed from 4-5 months before the wedding.

We bring some simple yet effective hair care tips using which you can achieve a healthy mane by the wedding day.

Drink lots of water. We all have been told by our parents to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. You’ll be surprised to know that keeping body hydrate improves the blood circulation. This, in turn, provides better nutrition to hair follicles which ultimately promotes hair growth and makes them look more lustrous. So with strong and shiny hair, you can easily ask the stylist to experiment with wedding hairstyles.

Keep those beautiful tresses clean. It is important to wash hair frequently. Now, we are not saying to wash them daily (otherwise they will become dry) but wash as and when the need arises. The aim is to not let dirt and sweat get accumulated in the scalp which will lead to blockage. If not washed frequently then the hair will smell bad and you’ll also suffer hair loss.

Oil them thoroughly. Again we all know the old-school champi trick and trust us, it works wonders. When you oil your hair, indirectly the scalp gets massaged due to which blood circulation increases. This healthy flow of blood brings in more oxygen to roots and promotes hair growth (which will give you the freedom to try wedding hairstyles for long hair).

Avoid stress. One of the most important reasons for hair fall in brides is wedding stress. Girls, be happy! It’s your wedding day, everything will be perfectly alright, it will be exactly like the dream you’ve seen. Many brides also stress because of their short/thin hair (which is majorly a hereditary issue). Do not worry unnecessarily; expert professionals know many perfect wedding hairstyles for short hair. These styles will make you look like a diva!

Now, you’ve noted down all the tips shared above. The next step is to book the perfect hairstylist for your big day. For this, simply visit Shaadidukaan.com and book the best hairstylist in your city. It is an online wedding market where you can find hundreds of vendors listed in various categories whether makeup artists or others.


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