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4 types of facial treatments offered by Complexity Spa.

When receiving a facial treatment, there are several benefits such as pampering and relaxation. In addition to these two, other benefits include; cleansing, increased in blood circulation, anti-aging as well as many other emotional benefits.

While at Complexity Spa, choosing the right type of facial treatment depends on your type of skin and the goals you have for the care. Some facial treatments are specifically designed for deep-cleaning your skin while others are designed to moisturize the skin and in case you have acne, some facial treatment can be used to relieve stress. Below are some of the of the types of facials you can expect to get from https://complexcityspa.com/

Hydra Facial.

This is usually a five-step treatment that is designed for your specific skin needs everyone has a unique skin and this would call for a tailor-made for every individual. The first step performed by Complexity Spa in this type of facial treatment is to exfoliate superficial the dead skin cells then the next step is Vortex-peel which peels the skin without having to scale your inner skin. Once this step is done, it is followed by cleaning your pores with a vortex-suction. After the suction, the next step is fusion which indulges your skin with a variety of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. After all the steps are done, the final thing is to apply a nourishing product to protect your skin. In about 45 minutes’ time, your skin will look younger, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Basic Facial treatment.

This type of facial treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation with use of a steamer extraction that may need facial massage as well as sunscreen cream.

A nature signature facial.

This is a dehydrating treatment that involves deep pore cleansing and it involves charcoal that is used to detoxify the skin as well as refining your pores. While undergoing this type of facial treatment, there are various types of masks that you can choose from such as beetroot powder, blueberry, and strawberry, pure seaweed mask which is followed by collagen or vitamin cream. These varieties of masks are what make it a true delight of nature.

Oxygen Facial.

This includes use of oxygen Infusion system that brightens and infuses the necessary nutrients for a healthier skin. This type of facial treatment works for any type and condition of your skin. Complexity Spa professionals use a machine that introduces oxygen directly into the pores. The oxygen that is introduced is treated with several supplements so as to help the skin retain its firmness and well as smoothen out all wrinkles.

Whatever type of facial you want, you can rest assured that Complexity Spa will meet your needs.  You can reach Complexity Spa on:

2 Oakwood Blvd. #190, Suite 43
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 235-5994

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