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Maybe you like your sleigh, canopy, storage or other traditional beds. But if you are exploring the market for your new decor, you can consider a platform bed. They are quite popular and their certain designs and contemporary looks are loved by people.


What style is in trend?


There is a countless number of styles and colors through which it is easy for you to select something that fits best for you. We have listed the most popular styles for you. Let us explore some of them:


Wood Platform bed: This is the best option if you want a firm and durable bed. These beds are less prone to damage and can support the weight of any mattress. These include wooden bed slats for support.


Particleboard bed frame: These are also known as medium-density fibreboard beds and are quite affordable. They offer you more sturdiness than others.


Metal bed frame: These are popular for being strong and sturdy. You can choose your material for its craft. Steel and iron are common options but if you want, you can opt for thin or a lighter metal, such as aluminum.


But this is not the only reason people are buying them, read further to explore why investing in platform beds is beneficial for you:


Style: These beds are designed and crafted to match the amazing architecture of your house. They contribute by giving a modern twist to your bedroom theme. They have a sleek and fine look that goes well with the contemporary design. Their small height provides an increase in the height of the ceiling and makes your bedroom feel more spacious. Additionally, they don’t need a bed skirt. This can instantly upgrade the look of your bedroom.


Stability and strength: Along with providing support, a well-built platform bed last indefinitely and is stable than other bed frames. Their slats are thick and strong enough to support the weight of people and mattress simultaneously. They are also suitable for memory foam mattresses. You just need to choose bed made of good quality materials so that it lasts for many years.


Savings: Don’t you like to save money while purchasing a new bed? All the platform beds include a built-in foundation and strong support. A traditional bed needs a box spring, a mattress, frames and bed supports. With a platform bed, you only need to buy a frame and a mattress. This saves plenty of your money.


Storage: A lot of platform beds have built-in storage drawers under the mattress platform. This increases storage and reduces bedroom clutter. This is an advantage that let you have plenty of space in a crowded home. 


All the platform beds let you have a foundation free place to relax. These beds are not just comfortable but also provide evenly distributed support.  They are more durable and will last for a long time. Additionally, they eliminate the issues like squeaky or popped springs as they do not have any box spring. But, it’s important for you to research first to have the best value for your money.


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