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5 Things on Your Boyfriend’s Wishlist This Christmas

Gift giving can be so much fun, it can also be hard when you don’t have a clue what to buy. Especially when your boyfriend is keeping mum about the whole subject. What does he want? Maybe he doesn’t even know, which means some sleuthing is in order to make his present-opening as magical as possible.

With that in mind, what can you be sure is on your boyfriend’s Christmas list this 2017 festive season?


1) Hot Sauce

Is your boyfriend currently obsessed with blowing his taste buds into oblivion, one meal at a time? Then indulging his hot sauce addiction this holiday season can be a great way to tick off an important thing on his wishlist, the hotter the better.

If he really likes to have his head blown off, then get him anything with ghost peppers inside. That is a hot sauce with a true kick to it and something his tastebuds won’t forget about anytime soon.


2) Streetwear

Is your boyfriend more fashion conscious than you? Well, then he will already know about the power of mens streetwear clothing this Winter 2017. So, buying him a few key pieces will be a sure way to make him light up like a kid this Christmas. Graphic tees make this a great way to personalise also, as you can concentrate on buying shirts with his favourite band/television show/movie on.


3) Whiskey

The older he gets, the more he appreciates the finer things in life. His latest obsession? Whiskey.

Does that ring a bell? For many, the sharp allure of whiskey raises its head at one point or another in life. A nice bottle of whiskey, then, is a gift that this budding connoisseur can truly appreciate. Go for a bottle pushing the £50 mark and you will be sure to make this Christmas that much more merry.


4) Subscriptions

What is better than the gift that keeps on giving, not much. A subscription - to a magazine, grooming supplies or even a different beer every month - can be just what you need to keep your boyfriend happy throughout the year. Especially if they have a particularly expensive love.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, literally.


5) Speakers

Whether they love music or just want a surround sound experience whilst watching television, a good set of speakers can be a truly fantastic gift. Quality sound doesn’t come cheap, so it will be a gift that says just how much you love him.

For a man on the move, you could always opt for a set of travel speakers that are high quality but small enough to take wherever whenever. This is especially practical for someone who travels a lot for work.


And there you have it! Everything you could possibly buy to make your boyfriend feel like a child again this Christmas. Well, almost. There’s plenty more he might be interested in. But this is as good a start as any.


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