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How to Choose Cufflinks That Matches Your Personality

How to Choose Cufflinks That Matches Your Personality Dressing up for formal events isn’t a walk in the park especially if you’re not the type who wears a suit and tie on daily basis. Choosing which cufflinks to complete your look will become every bit of a challenge for you. Cufflinks have since been the epitome of a man’s jewellery a little accessory combining luxurious charm and attention to detail mixed with creative flair.cufflinks

Cufflinks have been considered a part of men’s fashion accessory. They add colour and style and ties up the whole ensemble. These small accessories also help enhance one’s personality and self-expression. There are hundreds of designer cufflinks in today’s market, ranging from the classic ones to novelty cufflinks. There are also other varieties such as crystal, coloured enamel, mother of pearl, among others.

With so many available options, choosing one could be very overwhelming. You might be confused as to which one best expresses your personality. This article will help you in choosing the right cufflink that matches your personality.

First, consider the colour and pattern of your tie. Fashion gurus believe that if you match your cufflinks with your tie, it would render you smart-looking as well as enhancing your personality. For not-so-formal events or simple occasions, you can always opt for a metal disk with a simple pattern or a simple design. For a more personalised touched, have the disk monogrammed with your initials. For themed occasions or you want to go with a little bit of flair, wear a pair of cufflinks with an artistic décor.

The general rule is to make sure all metals complement each other, such as the belt buckle and watch. Whatever metal you plan to wear should match not only in style but also in colour. If this rule isn’t possible, the safest way to go is wearing a pair of silver cufflinks. Silver is versatile and is suitable for just about any occasion, without you looking too over- or underdressed.

Social events allow you the freedom to go a little bit overboard with your style. Wearing novelty cufflinks during such occasions will make you stand out but in a positive way. Plus, cufflinks are good conversation starters.

For weddings, you can don a pair of cufflinks embellished with a semi-precious stone, like the most common ones mother of pearl and sapphires. You will definitely look dashing and elegant in your ensemble.

Lastly, before going and picking a pair of cufflinks, take a good look at your wardrobe. If you have white or lighter-coloured shirts, opt for burgundy- or brown-shaded cufflinks.

If you don’t plan on buying more than 2 pairs, opt for ones with minimal details since they are versatile and can be worn on just about any occasion. But it wouldn’t hurt if you have at least one pair of novelty cufflinks for those events that require you to stand out amongst the crowd.

We want cufflinks to get the attention they deserve which is where Cufflinks Gift Hub got created. We take personalization to a new level and offer unique men’ accessories that only we can provide. We take customer satisfaction seriously as we know the little things we do make all the difference.


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