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How to remove the smell of dog urine from the carpet

Dogs are among the most beloved and devoted pets that can be found in many homes. Consider in this article a problem that many dog ​​owners face, especially when they are still puppies or young individuals, namely, going to the toilet on carpets, how to deal with this problem, how to get the dog’s urine off the carpet and get rid of the smell of dog urine. on the carpet at home.

How to remove the dog's urine from the carpet and remove the unpleasant dog smell


The appearance in the house or apartment of a dog is often accompanied by the appearance of an unusual smell from it (from its wool in many breeds), while if the dog is young and untrained, then there are problems with going to the toilet around the house, in particular, and on carpets. The smell of dog urine is sufficiently persistent and “labeled” carpet can smell unpleasant for a long time, so it is always important to remove the stain and urine smell as soon as it appears and does not dry out, soaking the pile of the carpet to its base.


Important: removal of urine and its smell from carpets is best done in a specialized dry-cleaner using professional carpet cleaners and special equipment, especially for expensive handmade carpets, as well as carpets made from “demanding” materials (viscose, silk, bamboo) .


What is needed to clean the carpet from stains and the smell of dog urine?


Clean rags and sponges.

Detergents and cleaners (from available tools or special chemicals).

Normal cleaning water at room temperature.

A washing vacuum cleaner (optional, but can facilitate the process of cleaning stains).

Rubber gloves (to protect the skin of the hands from the action of cleaning products).


For cleaning carpets and removing unpleasant odors from them, popular methods and ordinary household tools that are time-tested and have proven themselves are popular. On many forums and sites you can find tips on using solutions of iodine and potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide and bleach (chlorine-containing cleaning products) to clean carpets from dog urine, but it is better not to use these tools, as they can ruin carpets (paint them or vice versa clean out dyes). From improvised means it is better to pay attention to soda, vinegar and laundry soap. The use of these tools will help not only remove stains and odor from dog urine, but are also more likely to be well perceived by the carpet (the material of its lint and base will not be damaged, and dyes will not be removed).


Among the special tools for cleaning carpets can be identified professional (can be found in some online stores), which often have a narrow purpose (for a certain material of the carpet and a certain type of pollution), as well as the usual universal household tools for cleaning and washing carpets that are sold in many household stores and supermarkets


For removing stains and removing the smell of dog urine, it is better to use special tools specifically for this process. They are specially designed for different types of carpet materials and contain safe and effective chemicals that can not only remove urine from the carpet qualitatively, but also neutralize its unpleasant odor.


General recommendations for cleaning urine of dogs from carpets


Not all carpets are subject to home cleaning from dog urine (for example, viscose carpets, silk carpets, most handmade carpets).


There is no need to rub or rub urine stains (with a rag, sponge, brush), as it is possible to damage the pile and increase the stain on the carpet (the spot is cleaned from its edges towards the center).


It is not necessary to wet the carpet during cleaning, and after cleaning it is necessary to dry the wet and damp places on the carpet well (if this is not done, the carpet will deteriorate, mold and bacteria may start, an unpleasant smell may appear).


All cleaning and detergents must be checked on a small area of ​​the carpet (to ensure that they do not have a negative effect on the material of the carpet and dyes in it).


When using purchased cleaning products, always carefully read the instructions for use and follow it exactly.


Well ventilate the room in which the cleaning will be carried out (during and after cleaning).


Depending on whether a fresh or old spot is from dog urine, a different approach is needed to remove it, so we’ll go through the next step separately on how to get rid of new and old dog urine stains on the carpet.


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