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Is Your Store Ready with This Year’s Latest Jewelry Trends?


The right jewelry can make any attire come alive by adding the glam factor to style, but the trends in the world of jewelry keep changing all the time and unless a business is able to keep up with those changing trends, losing customers is an inevitable consequence. As the year is well on its way, it is time to restock your jewelry collection and make sure that you are not missing out on any of the latest trends that are all set to dominate 2019.

The Chain-Link Necklace

Every necklace has a chain, but we are not talking about those. These are the ones with the particularly big/medium-sized, chunky chain-links, made out of silver, white gold or yellow gold. Completely casual and edgy in style, they are going to be a hit this year.

Travelers Will Continue to Look for Thai Silver Jewelry

Silver is a lot cheaper than gold and yet allows for the creation of brilliant souvenirs that people can actually use. The handcrafted silver jewelry of Thailand is famous throughout the world, and if you have a retail store anywhere in the country, be sure to stock it well with unique silver pieces because the tourists and the travelers will come looking for them sooner or later. Source your wholesale silver jewelry from Karen Silver Design, the country’s top supplier of wholesale silver jewelry, and put your business’s own unique stamp and design on them. Everyone likes customization options as well, so if you have a facility of your own to provide the customizations that your customers want, it would be a great advantage.

Open-Cuff Designs on Necklaces

Bangles with unconnected ends have been a trend for a long time running, but more recently, the same trend has made its way onto necklaces as well. Fendi and Dior have arguably set the open-cuff trend in motion for 2019, and it is going to pick up well. Do not take the Dior route and make the mistake of shaping the necklace in your brand name as they did though unless you too are a brand big enough for people to wear that with pride. Instead, go with unique, custom designs and etch your brand name subtly, rather than molding the necklace in it.

The Open-Cuff Earrings

Open-cuff earrings are picking up momentum, just like open-cuff necklaces. Also called crescent hoops, stock up on some pairs of open-cuff earrings in gold and silver soon, to stay updated with the latest trends.

Mismatched Stones in Bright Hues

It is hard to ignore just how beautiful a bracelet or a necklace of mismatched, bright, and colorful stones can be, even if the stones are replicas instead of being actual gems. They appeal to travelers and locals alike because of the simple reason that they are gorgeous, as well as cheap. The more affluent buyers might look for a bracelet made with real stones and gold/silver though, but given how expensive they can be, it might be best to wait till you actually have such an order to fill.

The classics never go out of style, but it never hurts to add a few items that are more in sync with what people are looking for, especially when you are in the business of selling fashion.



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