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KnoT So Boring Ties

This is a time for rebels, for people who speak their minds and for the misfits who couldn’t care less. With the entire world trying to become a fashion idealist, quirky is the new sexy! Come to think of it, it makes complete sense, don’t we find someone off-centre appealing? Here’s the thing about fashion though – it’s too dynamic and that’s exactly what we love most about it, its unpredictability.

There are too many people today who think they are the ones setting the rules, they think they define what’s in, but if everyone is donning the same thing then how is that high fashion? Fashion requires individuality, a sense of personal style that sets you apart from the rest.

The concept of graphic ties was started by Kerry Parker, a brand that is known for its uniqueness. Their creatives spring out of their aim to cater to a young audience that stops at nothing. We are a generation of fiddlers, we are always looking for something new and exciting. Be it clothes or food or life, we like to experiment. That is exactly wheretheseties come in. Now we have statement ties with a mind of their own.

 Who could have imagined that the once basic accessory, worn only to rough office days to get your ass whooped or to formal events that bore you to death would become a key to power dressing in such a refreshing way. Now this is an interesting turn of events. You don’t have to wear those old, mundane ties with the soulless vibe anymore.

So don’t get lost thinking about how unusual this is, because sooner or later the vibe will get you.  These ties are unisex, which is a welcome change considering we are trying to move towards a gender neutral society

The best thing though is that there’s no end to the possibilities. No matter how bizarre or how unconventional an idea, if you like it, then it surely can be on your tie. Not just in terms of creative ideas, there are endless styling possibilities too. If you think that these statement ties belong with your shirts and blazers alone, then you are sadly mistaken. You can pair these with anything, these graphic ties are your cue to chic and effortless dressing. Going for a party? How about pairing this cool batman tie with your favourite white off-shoulder! The cool comic prints are perfect for a fun evening out with friends and don’t even get me started on the mind-blowing fandom edition ties. Could these ties be any more amazing?

These statement ties are as much a visual treat as they are a novel recast. They are perfect if you want to throw in some funky vibes and outré touches every now and then. These are for people who are bold and enjoy experimenting with their looks. If you want to create an impact in a world which is still hung upon flowy dresses and laced pants, then try out these splendid graphic ties today.

Happy Shopping!


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