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Mixing Style with True Luxury: These are the Most Expensive and Luxurious Fabric in the World


The mention of luxury and fabric in one sentence instantly makes most of us think of silk, and we are not wrong to think so. In fact, some variants of silk are among the most expensive and luxurious fabrics in the world, as you will see soon, but silk isn’t the only one though. Let’s now go through some of the costliest and most premium fabrics available to us today, and even a few that aren’t actually available, although they do exist.


Mulberry Silk


Silk is not the most worm-friendly fabric in the world as the production process essentially consists of boiling the silk moth worms alive, but as long as you can overlook that fact, it is one of the finest natural fabric that anyone can wrap themselves in.


Not all silk is created equally though, and some varieties of the natural strands are significantly better than the others. The mulberry silk is, by far, the most exotic variant in the world, created exclusively from the cocoons of silk moths that are kept on a diet consisting solely of mulberry leaves. The worms that are fed other kind of leaves such as lettuce, do not produce high-quality silk threads,as mulberry leaves are the only natural food for them.




Cashmere is exotic wool found on the underbellies of goats in the coldest parts of the Indian subcontinent, and chiefly in the Indian state of Kashmir. The rarity of this special wool and its surprising ability to keep the wearer warm, even though it is extremely light and soft, is what has made cashmere (from Kashmir) one of the costliest and most premium fabrics in the whole world. In case you are on the lookout for original designer cashmere clothing, check out Inhabit’s latest collection on their official website. You will find this exotic wool crafted into perfection to stay on-trend with the latest luxury design influences.


Do not purchase cashmere from unverified and unknown sources, even if they are located in the subcontinent, because the chances of you being duped into buying cheap wool are alarmingly high!


Vicuna Wool


Vicuna is a small Peruvian camelid, closely related to the Llama, and even more closely related to the alpaca, which is also native to South America. All three animals have wool that is extremely soft, comfortable, and expensive, but it’s the vicuna that produces the most expensive wool of the three. If you are wondering what makes vicuna wool so expensive, consider the following.


The animal was almost hunted to extinction once, so they have a low population

It takes three years before the same animal can be sheared again

The wool from the camelid is as premium and as soft as it get


Now that we have discussed some of the most precious, softest, and costliest fabric available to the fashion industry, spider silk, and byssus deserves a special mention too, although you won’t find any clothes in the world that are made from these two, at least not for now anyway!



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