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Understand negative SEO and how to know if you are a victim of it


Before going deep into negative SEO and how it affects a website, it is important to understand what SEO is and how it works. Agencies undertaking digital marketing in Indore, consider SEO strategy to be the most effective tactic in gaining higher website traffic By far, implementing SEO strategy is the most effective way to achieve optimum online reach and presence. Since Google algorithm keeps changing, it has become more than essential to stay abreast with SEO trends. 

To achieve optimum results for your website Professional SEO services endurance, consider creating value enriched content, incorporating professionally designed graphics, and implementing best SEO practices. Doing website SEO will increase your chances of grabbing the top position for your website on SERP. Such methods are often referred to as white hat SEO techniques and are ethical and clean.

But not all businesses believe in practicing white hat SEO. Since the SEO space is fiercely competitive, it is not that easy to rank high for a keyword. It is imperative to say that some companies try to manipulate search engines for their benefit by the use of unethical SEO techniques. Although it is highly frowned upon, and search engines can penalize such websites, many businesses think it is worth the risk.

Understanding Negative SEO?

With each Google algorithm updates, it has become smarter in tracking the offenders who use unethical SEO methods to rank higher on SERP. Google has implemented harsh punishments for websites like poor ranking or de-indexing of the site. However, many businesses do not refrain from hacking into another’s site and run negative SEO.

Besides hacking on to your site and implementing nasty SEO strategies on it, there are plenty of other ways a business can target you with negative SEO. They can achieve the task by scraping and plagiarizing your website content, creating a problem with your local and social media profile, and so on.

It is worth understanding that the main motto of employing negative SEO is lowering the SERP ranking of the competitor’s website. Once the competitor is out of the way, the business then can rank on top.

Since negative SEO is a vast domain, it is hard, to sum up in a few lines. But what is important here to note is that any SEO strategy attempted to pull down your search engine rankings page is deemed as negative SEO.

So, how to determine if your website has been attacked by negative SEO?

There are many signs of negative SEO attack on a website. The most common one is spammy links and fake negative reviews.

These issues may seem minute, but they hold significant influence in determining the SERP ranking of your business.

Thus, a regular site audit is a must when implementing an SEO Strategy. Through regular site maintenance, you can detect the issues on your website and check whether or not your website has been compromised. When running analytics for your business, if you notice a sudden influx of website traffic and bounce rate, be aware as this could be a sign of possible negative SEO attack.


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