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Understanding the Different Skirt Shapes in Wedding Dresses

The neckline of a wedding dress can alter the look of the dress. Some of the choices for wedding dress necklines include the V-neck and the sweetheart. In addition to the different necklines available on a wedding dress, the shape of the skirt is another major aspect to  consider. Most women typically have an idea of what style skirt they would like on their wedding dress. The most popular skirt style is the puffy ballroom gown. However, there are numerous other styles available. When you try on the gown that you have dreamed of, you may find that it doesn't look like you imagined. When you shop for a wedding dress, you should have an open mind and try on as many different styles as possible. This will help you to find the perfect wedding dress. Continue reading to learn more about the different skirt styles available in wedding dresses.

Skirt Style: Ball Gown

A ball gown style wedding dress is a traditional full-length dress with a puffy skirt. Numerous layers of materials are used to create volume. This type of dress is perfect for those who are after a fairy-tale wedding. This dress makes the waist appear tiny and can feature modest or quite elaborate bodices. The ball gown wedding dress is great for any shape or neckline, making it one of the most versatile skirt shapes available.

Skirt Style: A-Line

One popular option for those who do not want a full, voluminous skirt is the A-line wedding dress. This skirt is narrow at the waistline and gradually widens creating the shape of a capital A. This skirt skims the hips creating the illusion of a slimmer hips and waist by drawing the eye up toward the bust line. The shape of this dress is perfect for those who like a very detailed bust line. You will typically find that A-line dresses have simple skirts and intricately detailed bodices. Skirt Style: Column A column wedding dress, also known as a straight skirt wedding dress, features a slim fitting straight shape that extends from the neckline to the hemline. These dresses are often made of either light chiffon or silk, allowing them to flow naturally down the body. The column wedding dress hugs the body and emphasises the figure, making it the perfect style for slimmer brides. This style of wedding dress does require Spanx or some form of shape-wear to create a smooth silhouette because this style can make even the slimmest bride look lumpy if shape-wear is not worn.

Skirt Style: Fishtail

The fishtail wedding dress, sometimes called a mermaid skirt, is unique and eye-catching. The skirt hugs the waist, hips and thighs before it flares out at the knees. This style is often worn by stars on the red carpet. It is the perfect shape for glamours weddings. In order to wear this style, the bride needs to be curvy. The material of this wedding dress helps to smooth out lumps to create a beautiful shape. Tall brides often prefer this style of wedding dress because the style requires height.  

Skirt Style: Empire

The empire wedding dress is a high-waisted dress that is gathered right under the bust line. The dress then flows down, creating a loose fitting skirt. The shape of this dress is great for those with smaller busts because it emphasises the bust line and gives the illusion of height. The empire wedding dress is also great for those with larger hips or waistlines because this style draws the eye upward, especially when the bodice features intricate detail work. Use the information above to help you determine the best wedding skirt style for your body. Many times you will find that a couple of different skirt styles will work for your body size. Choose a couple of different styles and begin trying on some wedding dresses. Each style offers hundreds of different combinations thanks to the different necklines that can be coupled with the skirt style, the material used for the dress and the detail work. At Riki Dalal, you will find designer wedding dresses of every type that you might possibly want to try to be absolutely sure of the 'the one'.


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