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How do tummy tuck scars look?

How do tummy tuck scars look?

Many patients are concerned when it comes to a tummy tuck in Virginia Beach VA because of the scars left behind by the procedure. Patients do not have to be afraid since such incisions are placed in strategic areas where they are not noticeable easily even when someone wears a bikini after healing.

How the scars will appear will depend on the technique that the surgeon may have used. According to patients who have got the procedure, there are different areas where scars can be placed and there are different steps used by the surgeon to make sure that the scars are placed in the right area. The scars look thin enough and they let the patient put on a bikini even after their abdominoplasty.

Types of incisions used

A tummy tuck requires the use of two different incisions so that the stomach muscles may be tightened and excessive skin may be removed.   

There is a horizontal incision which is used in order to remove stretch marks with the excessive skin. It has to be placed under your panty line.

A belly button incision is used for securing the belly button in a new place. It has to leave the belly button with a natural shape.

These two incisions have to be made using great care to avoid getting attention when the patient wears a bikini. If you have any concern about scarring, it is better to talk to your doctor about it so you know what to expect. You can discuss the placement of the incisions with your doctor to make sure that he is aware of where you want them to be.

Why horizontal incision is popular

Horizontal tummy tuck incision is popular with most patients. The incision has to be made under the panty line. The incision should be low enough for the bikini line to hide it. Before the surgery, the doctor will do the markings where the scars will be found. Before giving the anesthesia, your surgeon will make sure that you are fully aware of where the scars are going to be. Before the doctor marks where the incision will be made, he has to pull up the abdominal skin. If the marking is being made without pulling up the skin high, it is possible that the scar will appear higher on the stomach.  


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