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How to be safe with Juvederm Voluma XC injection

How to be safe with Juvederm Voluma XC injection

Juvederm Voluma XC is an injectable gel and it is meant to be used for deep injections in the cheek area and for correcting any volume loss which is age related in adults more than 21 years old. The gel is meant for an injection in the facial tissue to correct moderate and severe facial folds like nasolabial, perioral area and lips.

Who should not use the product?

You are not recommended to use this product when you have a history of having severe allergic reaction or when you have an allergy to gram positive bacterial protein and lidocaine used in such products.

The precautions to take with this product

  • Let the doctor know if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. There is no record of safety of the product in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  • Let the doctor know about your history if there’s too much scarring and pigmentation problem since using these injections may change pigmentation or may cause scars.

  • You should not use laser treatment or any chemical peel after the treatment because you may be at a risk of inflammation in the treated areas.

  • Patients who suffer from a skin injury on the site of the injection when this product has been used are at a high risk of getting some side effects.

  • If you are on immunosuppressive therapy that suppresses the immune response of the body, you should not use this product because it will put you at a high risk of suffering from an infection.

  • The doctor will want to know if you are taking medications which may prolong the bleeding like blood thinners, ibuprofen or aspirin because it may cause bleeding and bruising on the injection site.

  • You should minimize too much exposure to heat or the sun, strenuous exercise or alcoholic beverage within 24 hours of the treatment.

Common side effects

The common side effects caused by Juvederm Voluma XC are pain, swelling, bruising, itching, bumps and lumps, firmness and tenderness. Some people also reported dryness. The side effects are mild and they last for less than 2 weeks. If there is any infection in the blood vessels, even if it is rare, the complication will be permanent and serious.


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