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Things to be aware of before choosing Brazilian butt lift

Things to be aware of before choosing Brazilian butt lift

You cannot just wake up one day and decide to get a Brazilian butt lift in St. Petersburg. You need to take your time to decide which type of augmentation you want and what you want achieve from the procedure.

Anyone can get a Brazilian butt lift: butt augmentation is now popular and anyone can get buttock enhanced through this surgery.  Moms, dancers, nurses or schoolteachers can all get the surgery and everyone is interested in changing their looks.

You do not need implants with a Brazilian butt lift: contrary to traditional buttock augmentation where you will need implants, Brazilian butt lift only requires the use of your own fat. When an implant is used, the doctor will do an incision at the butt crack so that it can be hidden. An implant is then placed within the covering muscle or under the gluteal muscle. When a butt lift is used instead, only a small incision is made to harvest fat from a problematic area like the waistline or belly and then it is put in the butt to achieve your new shape.  

There is no need to gain weight before getting a Brazilian butt lift:  when you reach puberty, you will already have all the fat cells that you will have your entire life.  When fat grafting is used, the cells are moved to be put in another part and they will learn to live there. When you gain weight, the weight is distributed all over your body and it is only the fat cells that grow bigger. When you lose weight, you will still have the same proportion of fat cells around the body.

You are able to sit after your Brazilian butt lift: People normally sit on their legs where they join at the pelvis. This is why after a butt lift, you are able to continue sitting without impacting negatively on the procedure.

You will lose some of the transferred fat: after the fat cells have been transferred, they will learn to live in the new area. When there is too much pressure on the transplanted cells, some may die and they are flushed out of the system or they may stay in the same place and become firm - called fat necrosis.


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