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What is Botox and how it works

What is Botox and how it works  

Botox in Fort Wayne IN is used as a treatment for expression lines and wrinkles. However, few people are fully aware of what Botox is. Botox is the substance which is injected within the skin, it can inhibit muscle movement and this prevents the worsening or developing of wrinkles.

The name botulinum toxin and Botox are from the world Botulous and it means sausage. The substance is a poison that is naturally present in bad meat and it can kill or paralyze. It is known as one of the most poisonous substances but there are methods used to purify the dosages so that they can be used for safe treatment.

Botox injections have become a popular cosmetic treatment around the world and many celebrities are known to use it for aesthetic reasons.

Botox treatment works by blocking nerve signals in the areas of the injection. Muscles are relaxed when their activities are reduced and in turn, it reduces the lines on the skin.

The history behind Botox

Earlier botolinum toxin product was used as experiments on monkeys and it was used on humans for the first time in the year 1980. It was approved in the year 1989 as a toxin to treat eye disorders. The treatment was approved to treat eye problems which are a result of malfunctioning muscles like twitching eye, lazy eye, wandering eye and squinting. During this period, eye specialists noted that if a drug is being used on different areas, the wrinkles on these areas become less prominent.  

The treatment was approved to be used as a cosmetic treatment in the year 2002 and it has become a popular treatment to treat wrinkles around the world since then. In the year 2006, it become the most popular cosmetic treatment in the US. It is also used for other reasons like treatment for migraines and underarm sweating.  However, treatment in such areas is yet to be approved by FDA.

How Botox works

If it is injected in problem areas, Botox will freeze muscle movement by blocking the neuro-transmitters for up to 4 months which means that the treatment has to be given more than once every year. Botox treatment has to be given by a qualified medical professional who must be careful about using the right amount in the right area so that any asymmetrical results can be avoided.


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