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What is Hi def liposuction?

What is Hi def liposuction?

Hi def liposuction is called 4D liposuction. It allows the cosmetic surgeon to sculpt your body and to create a contoured and athletic look with the use of an ultrasound technology called Vaser.

Nowadays, not everyone has enough time to go to the gym so that they can get the body they desire. Vaser High Definition liposuction will help the patients to be healthy and stay fit. You will get muscles that look as if you actually workout!

During the procedure  

The doctor will give medication that makes you comfortable and relaxed. The incision made is small and it is made within hidden spots allowing the introduction of a cannula.

The area to be reshaped will be filled using a tumescent saline solution and it helps in numbing the site and shrinking the blood vessels. It will minimize blood loss and reduce bruising. A small probe will be inserted within the treatment area and it will transmit sound energy in order to break up and liquefy the fat but without impacting negatively on the surrounding tissue.

Suction is done to remove the fat layer under your skin and it allows creation of an abdominal six -pack using specialized cannula that can minimize trauma on the surrounding nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels

The approach used is meant to promote rapid healing and to lead to smooth results.  The suction process emphasizes on outlining of the muscle on the upper body.

The heat gotten from ultrasound makes the skin retract in order to lead to natural and smooth results.

Body parts that can be treated with Hi def liposuction

Hi def liposuction can be used to treat different areas of the body. But most common ones are

  • Stomach for those who want to get a defined six-pack

  • Chest for men who have ‘male boobs’ and want to get square shaped and not a round chest that looks feminine

  • On the arms to add fine details to achieve an overall ripped look

  • On the back, so that you may get a V shape if you are a man and S shape if you are a woman.


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