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What is Kybella?

What is Kybella?

Kybella is the only approved injectable by the FDA which is used to reduce the fat under the chin by destroying the fat cells. Kybella is a treatment that can melt away the excess fat which leads to a double chin. This is a man-made substance called deoxycholic acid. It is a material that it is found in the body naturally and it can absorb fat. Having a double chin can be a personal problem, but Kybella is known to destroy the cells which contribute to this unwanted appearance.  

When should you use Kybella?

When you have tried exercise and diet but your chin and neck fat refuses to go away, then you may want to try out Kybella. When you use Kybella, it is possible to eliminate this fat without having to use liposuction or other invasive techniques. Kybella requires series of small injections and the substance will mimic the natural fat absorption in the body so that you can have a slim and sleek chin which is perfect for you.

How is the procedure performed?

Kybella has to be injected within the subcutaneous fat in the neck region. The targeted fat cells get destroyed and when they are destroyed, they will not store fat anymore. The destruction of such cells is followed by the natural elimination of fat and then the healing process. The process can be slow but it is steady and the fat cells can be eliminated in six weeks after your treatment. The comfort level of the patients will be different and some patients may be sensitive to injections.

How many Kybella treatments you get will be based on the profile you want to achieve.  When you achieve the desired response, then there is no need for a re-treatment. When the fat cells that cause double chin have been reduced, clients who have been treated will get a leaner and younger look since their facial appearance will be balanced.

Kybella must be used only on the double chin since it has been proven to work on small sections of the body but it should not be used on other areas like muffin tops and love handles. The research as well as approval for use on these areas is still undergoing.

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