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Childlessness In Marriage

Childlessness is a problem plaguing many marriage relationships today. It is a situation where a marriage does not produce any child after a number of years. Under normal circumstances, a marriage relationship is expected to produce a child within the first one and half years. If that does not happen, the couples would begin to suspect that something is wrong. They might become agitated and may come under pressure from relatives and well-wishers.


To many marriages, childlessness is the beginning of crises. It leads to accusations and counter accusation. Childlessness in marriage leads to suspicion and loss of confidence in the relationship. It is a worm in the apple. Outwardly and in public, the married couples seem to be getting on fine but at home crises rule. Childlessness is a devourer; when it crips in, it leaves the couples desolate, desolate of what brought them together, of their hope and aspirations.


Childlessness is one of the fears of marriage. No one prays for it, but it could come – for a shorter or longer period. It is always a door crasher, uninvited guest. It is a thief that comes to steal, to kill and to destroy the sound marriage relationship of couples. Childlessness is a test of the love and oneness of married couples. It stretches their tolerance and endurance. The strength of the marriage vow – for better, for worse – is either made stronger or weaker by childlessness.


In some cultures, childlessness is not tolerated because of the fear of the extinction of the family tree. This usually leads to polygamy and high rate of divorce. The woman who could not concieve is subjected to mockery and called all sorts of names because of the general assumption that childlessness is always the fault of the woman. But in some other cultures, childlessness in marriage is not any problem. Some married couples may even decide not to have a children.


Having said all these, let’s recall that GOD’s command is for men to increase and multiply and replenish the earth. HE also promised that none shall be barren in our land. Now, going by the faithfulness of GOD, we must understand that childlessness in marriage is neither HIS will nor HIS doing. It is satan that is responsible. Satan can cause childlessness in marriage through a medical problem – body malfunction, spiritual problem or carelessness of past life.


Whatever the cause of childlessness in marriage, consult your marriage counsellor, your pastor and/or your doctor. You must look unto GOD for help bearing in mind all HIS promises concerning fruitfulness. For GOD to intervene, there must be peace, love and oneness in the marriage relationship. Childlessness should not bring any problem in marriage relationship if there is love and oneness between the couples.


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