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Hair extension: From short to long - so you can get your dreamy long hair overnight!

Methods, durability and care - we will tell you everything you need to know about hair extensions!


The term "hair extension" basically covers all processes in which strands of real or synthetic hair are incorporated into the hair. This allows you to extend or compress your own head. Frequently, the inserted hair is also called "Extensions" with the English term for hair extension.


Methods of hair extension


There are different methods of hair extension in UK. The basic principle, which all have in common: the foreign hair is fixed in the earmuffs. The influence of heat plays an important role in many methods. A compounding agent is heated and, like an adhesive, mixes echthaar and new strands of hair.


"Hot" methods


Artificial keratin is often used as adhesive substance. It is chemically identical with the hairy keratin (our hair consists 90% of the protein). But high-quality plastics such as polymers are also used. Bonding ("bond") is called the bond between self-bonding and new strands. It can be round or flat, depending on which method of "hot" hair extension is applied. The quality of the bondings significantly determines the durability of the hair extension. Badly processed bondings may feel uncomfortable or loose - the used hair will be lost. Alcohol is often used to dissolve the compounds. Unfortunately, in most cases you can feel the bonding - especially when lying down. Also, the hair falls down strands, so that the mane does not often work naturally.


"Cold" methods


In methods that do without heat, "adhesive strips" play an important role. Hairtalk e.g. Works with a so-called sandwich method: Here the earmuffs are applied one above the other and thus enable a rapid hair extension. The manufacturer Hairtalk only uses 100% Remi-hair quality and thus guarantees the best Echthaar quality available on the market. The hair hold about 3 months and must then be raised again. Overall, the artificial hair strands can be preserved for around a year with good care. In contrast to the bondings, you can hardly feel the connection here. Only when brushing you have to be careful to avoid sticking to the adhesive strip.


Hair extension with ultrasound


Another possibility of hair extension is the method with ultrasound. Keratin plates, on which the foreign hair is fixed in fine strands, are placed on the hair and treated with ultrasound. This changes the structure of the keratin and connects it firmly to the hair. The connection dissolves again by renewed ultrasonic treatment.

Hair extension with clip-in extensions

Clip and go? Meanwhile, so-called clip-in extensions are very popular. Here, the hair strands are equipped with small clips and are attached to our Echthaar. Tip: To ensure that the clip-ins do not slip, experts recommend easy to reverse the approach where the clips were attached. Particularly practical: After that, the extensions can be easily removed again. When purchasing the clip-ins you should make sure that the color resembles your earthaar as much as possible. If necessary, you can also leave the extensions from the hairdresser dye. Depending on one-piece clip-ins or individual strings, the prices vary from 50 - 70 euros.


Weaving method


A particularly gentle method is the so-called weaving method. Here, the hair strands are interwoven very closely to the scalp in their own hair. The procedure takes a few hours, of course, but the clear advantage is that the small braids are barely visible. In addition, your own hair is not stressed with an adhesive.


So long the hair lengthening


What all methods have in common: The foreign hair is mainly attached to the back of the head. Then enough own cover hair falls over the connecting points and leaves them invisible. Nevertheless, all hair extensions have reached their "minimum durability date" - they have grown out. As soon as the hair has grown so much that the bondings become visible, the hair extension has to be renewed. How much time passes by varies according to the type of attachment and how fast the hair grows. Hair extensions with keratin bonding can be worn for about six to eight months. However, methods with straps hold only half as long. Undertresses are a certain number of extension strings, which are sewn together on a tape and are thus cliped into their own hair (clip-in extensions) Adhesive tape) or sewn (weaving method).


The right care afterwards


A and O of hair extension: Avoid oil and alcohol-containing products. You can solve the bonding or adhesive strips. Since you can not use conventional shampoos and rinse, there is often a special care for this. After washing, you should carefully wring your hair and start combing at the tips. Hairbrushes with knobs can release the extensions and even tear your own hair. Better are special brushes or soft hairbrushes with wild boar bristles, which do not get caught in the bonding or adhesive strips.


Hair extension: the cost


The costs vary - as is often the case - depending on the hairdresser, method, amount of extensions and length of the strands. While a hair compaction begins at around 200 euros, an extension can cost between 500 and 800 euros.


Hair loss and hair extension


If you are affected by hair loss, you should not attach hair straws in any case! The weight of the extensions can exacerbate hair loss. Basically: For a hair extension you need healthy hair.

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