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How To Prepare Yourself For An Abdominoplasty

How To Prepare Yourself For An Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty in New York is better known as a tummy tuck. It is a procedure that requires the patient to be prepared and take the right precautions to minimize risks, ensure safety and improve comfort during and after the surgery.

Preparing for your surgery

Before getting an Abdominoplasty, you will have to prepare yourself for the surgery. Because the surgery is done on the muscles of the abdomen, it will be hard to lift or move anything the first week post-surgery. You must make some arrangements regarding who will help you during the healing process. You will need someone to drive, shop and to do household chores during the first week. It is recommended that you get help for two weeks after the procedure. If you have small children, you may have to arrange for help for a longer period.

Before the surgery, you will need to undergo urine and blood tests. If a patient is over 45 years, then an EKG test is recommended as well. Before going for your surgery, you should get the suitable clothes and compression garments that will be needed after the surgery.

During the consultation, make sure that the doctor understands if you suffer from:

  • Anemia so that you may be put on iron supplements even before the surgery

  • Allergies

  • Medical handicap or illness

  • Any problem related to hypercoagulability, pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis or blood clotting.  

Tasks to complete before your surgery

You should complete your usual household tasks and general chores before you go through the surgery. You should place your bed in a place where there is no need to use the stairs. Have some extra pillows which you can put behind your back or under the knees. A tummy tuck will require you to walk around whenever possible during the first few weeks.

The day of the surgery, you should not drink or eat anything after midnight. If you have to take medication, use a small sip of water and if you take insulin, ask the doctor how much you can take on the day of the surgery. Do not put on any jewelry the day of the surgery like body rings, watch or studs.


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