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No drain tummy tuck compared to the traditional tummy tuck

No drain tummy tuck compared to the traditional tummy tuck  

For those of you who have just recovered from extreme weight loss or pregnancy, then a no drain tummy tuck in Connecticut or abdominoplasty is the right cosmetic procedure to undergo. It is meant to address the problems of a saggy stomach and it is the most effective procedure that is sought out today.  

The tummy tuck is done by removing the excessive skin from your loose abdomen and tightening the underlying muscles. The liposuction is being used for contouring the waist area when the skin and fat has been removed.

Post-surgical wound drainage is important to avoid infection and the possibility of complications because of extra fluids. This is one of the drawbacks of the traditional tummy tuck.

Problems caused by wound drainage

Post-surgical wound drainage is being done by the suturing of drains onto the patient. This causes problems with mobility limitations and discomfort. After the surgery, the problems may range from being irate since patients are not able to move properly, skin irritation and the continuous usage of drains up to the time that the wound has healed well. Even if the wound may close or the tubes removed, there will be cases of fluid buildup or seroma. However, no drain abdominoplasty has become the new solution to such problems.

Why should you consider ano-drain tummy tuck?

No-drain tummy tuck is the latest technique which has revolutionized the cosmetic surgery industry and there is no need of using drains. The technique leaves no room where the fluid can build up and there is no need of using the drainage. Even if the fluid build-up or seroma takes place, it will take little effort to drain. Hypertrophic scars, general discomfort and wound tension that takes place with the conventional tummy tuck will be minimized with a no-drain tummy tuck procedure.

Because the no-drain tummy tuck is not considered to be a conventional method, few licensed cosmetic surgeons are able to practice this procedure. There are also some people who are not qualified for this no-drain tummy tuck procedure and you must check experience and past procedures before choosing your surgeon.

The technique that avoids the drains during a tummy tuck ensures better tension sutures since the skin is stretched well and it is distributed evenly over the muscles.


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