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Safety Tips about Battery-Operated Ride-On Toys


Look! Battery-powered ride-on toys have become very popular play items for kids in recent years. The thrill of cruising from one corner of the living room to another or even outdoor makes them must-have in your kid’s toy collection.

With these ride-on toys, your child can already practice, imitate, and enjoy the experience as if s/he is a real car driver. However, as a parent with the best interest of the child at heart, there’s one aspect you shouldn’t take lightly. Well… wait for it…the safety.

Have you ever heard of the news of ride-on toys exploding? If you haven't, a little research will serve you right. In the recent past, most toy-related accidents/injuries have been attributed to battery-powered play items.

So now, with all the potential dangers of battery-operated vehicles, it remains prudent to take extra caution right from the point of purchase.

Here are some safety tips you should keep in mind:-

Mind the riding zones

Where your child rides their battery-powered vehicle could be the difference between being safe or not. Even when someone is keeping watch, ensure the area is clear of any items that may cause stumbling and dangerous falls. Generally, avoid rough terrains and when outdoor ensure the kid doesn't venture into the main road where they may expose themselves to real cars.

Ensure your pick is age-appropriate

Battery-operated toy cars usually come recommended for kids of a specific age. So, even when your child feels competent enough to handle one beyond their age, never ignore the manufacturer's age recommendation.

Check safety compliance

Unlike some other random toys, battery-operated vehicles for kids are subject to statutory safety standards. Before spending your money on any model, find out if the relevant safety agency has approved that particular product.

Consider accessorizing your kid with safety gear

The product might be in the perfect working shape, but what happens when the kid trips and falls due to external factors.  Also, occasionally, a child may veer off to rough terrain, and falling on such surfaces could cause serious injuries. Beyond supervision, consider equipping your kid with safety gear such as helmet, knee and elbow guards, and the likes.


When not in use, always store drivable car toys and any other play items out of the way. You don’t want the little one sneaking away with it unnoticed. Consider setting up a designated storage spot accessible only by adults.

Routine maintenance

As a rule, always check for damages and signs of wearing out as frequently as possible. Find out the condition of the battery to the wheels and the sitting area.  With such constant inspection, it will be easier to identify potential problems for rectification before things get out of hand.


You don't want a source of fun, sending your loved one to the emergency room. Hopefully, by putting the above tips in practice, you can keep your kid's source of joy in the best shape like a mattress perfect for partners.



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