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The benefits of Breast Lift

The benefits of Breast Lift

Breast Lift surgery in Boston is also called mastopexy and it is designed in a way that it can firm and lift the breasts that are drooping due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy and age. Breast lift may be done alone but it can also be done together with breast augmentation and breast reduction.

Breast lift incision

The doctor may choose one of the three incisions when performing a breast lift and they all achieve different levels of breast lift. When the areola and nipple are the only ones that need a lift, it will be done with an incision on the areola. When the breast requires a simple lift, a lollipop incision will be done. Besides an incision made near the areola, the second vertical incision has to be made on the underside of the areola at the inframammary crease. When the areola and nipple structure has reached under the inframammary crease, then a new incision will be made at the crease.

The benefits of Breast Lift

Improved self-confidence: drooping breasts for women are the result of nursing or pregnancy and it can make them insecure about their body or the shape of their breasts.  

When women work diligently so that they can improve how their body looks, they may not be happy when their skin is not able to conform to the new body shape even after sensible diet choices and workouts. They turn to Breast Lift if they are not happy with their flabby and loose skin; breasts droop as well after weight loss. The procedure will allow women to get the results they want and they can start to show off their youthful and rejuvenated breasts.

Able to breastfeed even after a breast lift: since the incision to move the nipple and areola will not interfere with the milk ducts and glands of the breast, you are able to breastfeed even after undergoing the surgery.

Full looking breasts without any augmentation: Breast Lift can make your breasts look like they had been augmented but they will only get a fuller and firmer appearance. It can be beneficial to the patient who wants a fuller appearance but without a breast augmentation surgery.


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