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Wedding Invitation Best Practices

When you’re ready for that special day, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on invitations that you’re going to not need. At the same time, you want to have some of the best wedding invitations on the planet to entice your guests as well. By choosing the right wedding invitation company, you can learn the best practices when it comes to selecting the proper invitations that will make your wedding day one that you’ll never forget. And it’s the most important first step!

Don’t Overload Them

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to choosing the right wedding invitations is putting way too much into them according to sailandswan.com. No, we’re not talking about putting just words into them, but everything – information that isn’t relevant (but takes up more space), too many graphics that take away from the couple, etc.

Keep your invitations simple. It’s okay to have elegant designs, but you want your photo or your names to be the primary bit of information, as well as the wedding date. Maybe a simple and catchy message on there to invite people, and even the location, but you shouldn’t need to put things like attendants that are going to be there, pastor information, who the pastor is, and more (unless that’s your style or it has religious bearing). The best wedding invitations are simple no matter how elegant they are, and by following that general rule, you can create a beautiful invitation that makes people feel happy that they received one.

Consider Fonts

You don’t want the text to be too large, so it takes away from anything, but you don’t want to cram everything into a little bit of space that you have by using small text either. Finding a happy medium can greatly benefit your invitation and make it easy to read. You’re probably going to want to invite other older family members too, and the smaller text that you use needs to be easily readable by everyone. Don’t choose a luxurious script font for literally everything on the invite.

Customize the Shape and Size

Aside from choosing to word wisely, and also knowing how to match your invitation with your wedding colors, consider going outside the normal 4.25 x 6.25-inch wedding invitations. In today’s age, you can get heart-shaped invites, as well as consider themes. If you’re having a Star Wars-themed wedding, for example, consider a storm troopers mask for the shape and size; get the drift?


The major thing you need to realize also is that you have your date completely set and that you get it set right on your card, and don’t ever forget to start the process early. You should actually send your invitations out months before your wedding so that people have the time to plan ahead and prepare to be there.

If you send your wedding invites out too late, you’ll have to deal with more scheduling conflicts, and this can lead to an empty wedding, leaving you feeling a little more stranded. We suggest sending them up to 10 months before the wedding is going to be. That way, you also have a lot more time to plan the actual wedding.

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