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What is High Risk Pregnancy?

What is High Risk Pregnancy?

High risk pregnancy in New York is a pregnancy which puts at risk the life and health of the fetus and mother. For many women, getting regular and early checkup can reduce complications and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Conditions that may lead to high risk pregnancy

However, there are women who are at high risk of suffering from complications during pregnancy because of many reasons:

  • Existing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or suffering from HIV.

  • Obesity and overweight - Women who are obese are at high risk of suffering from neural tube defects, stillbirth, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, cesarean delivery and high blood pressure. Obesity also increases heart problems of the infant by up to 15 percent.  

  • Multiple pregnancy - women who carry two or more fetuses are at high risk of complications compared to women who have only one fetus. The complications include preterm birth, premature labor and preeclampsia. A half of twins and 93 percent of the triplets are born before the 37th week.

  • Old or young maternal age – teens or women who are over 35 years old are at higher risk of gestational high blood pressure and preeclampsia.

How to managehigh risk pregnancy

Women who have high risk pregnancy have to receive care from special health specialist to make sure that the pregnancies continue to be healthy and that the babies are carried to full term. When a pregnancy is at high risk, it requires extra care to ensure that the mother and baby are safe. In case you suffer from a lifelong condition, it is better to talk to a doctor before you become pregnant and to be aware of the risks that you are exposed to. However, sometimes you may be at risk because of the problem that develops during pregnancy.  

When you are found to have a high-risk pregnancy, you should get all the information about the risks and how you may manage the problems. You should build a support network by talking to your friends, family and partner. You can also join other women who have the same problem so that they can help you in feeling better and how to be in control. However, you should keep in mind that having a high-risk pregnancy does not prevent you from having a healthy baby.


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