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What you should know about CoolSculpting

What you should know about CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting in Michigan is a non-invasive treatment and it is meant to offer relief to the patient who suffers from stubborn fatty tissue in isolated places. The best candidate for this procedure must be in good health, but with some areas of fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. The patient may need to understand that there are limitations about the results he can achieve with this treatment. CoolSculpting is safe for any ethnicity, complexion and skin type.  

The patients have to keep in mind that having CoolSculpting does not have to replace other weight loss plans and it cannot be used to treat obesity. During the consultation, the doctor will be the one to decide if this fat elimination treatment is the best for your situation.

What to expect with the treatment

CoolSculpting is done in a private and relaxing treatment room. When the targeted areas have been chosen, the applicator is put on the fatty tissue. The area is chilled to reach a low temperature and the fat will be suctioned with a paddle. The area will numb at once so there will be no need to use anesthesia. The treatment takes around 60 minutes and during this period, you can talk on the phone or read a book and even catch a snooze.

No downtime

After the treatment, the patient can recover at once. After the hour long procedure, the patient can go back to their normal activities. It may include exercising, school and work. The side effects may include mild swelling, light redness and bruising.  Even if these problems will resolve at once, the tenderness and itching is common for a few days. The procedure does not require sutures or incision so there is no risk or complications that may arise. The surrounding healthy tissue continues to be unaffected during your CoolSculpting treatment.

The results are not immediate

Your results from CoolSculpting will not show immediately. As the body metabolizes the damaged fat cells, the area becomes tauter and smoother but the benefits will be achieved only after three to four months. For the patient who wants to get more fat reduction, a repeat procedure may be performed safely. The results will last long since the fat cells do not regrow.


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