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Who is the right candidate for a facelift surgery?

Who is the right candidate for a facelift surgery?

As you grow older, the skin on your face starts to change by becoming loose and sagging. The jawline may start to look less defined. However, A facelift in Novi gives your face a youthful heart-shape.  

Consider a facelift if:

  • You have loose facial skin

  • You have sagging cheeks

  • When the creases below the lower eyelids or around the lower lip and chin become deeper.

  • There is excess skin that hangs on the lower jaw line

  • You have lost definition and there’s excess fat on the neck

  • There is a vertical band of skin on the neck and it’s now visible.

A facelift should not be taken as a treatment for superficial wrinkles, irregularities of the skin color, upper lip or nose wrinkles and sun damage.

When you go for your consultation for a facelift, the doctor will:

  • Want to know about your medical history

    • you should be prepared to answer some questions about your current and past medical conditions like high blood pressure. Let the doctor know about the medication you are taking including herbal supplements and over-the-counter drugs. This is because some drugs may affect how your blood clots.

  • Physical exam

    • the doctor should examine your facial bone structure, the neck and facial skin to determine which treatment is appropriate in your case. Patients with a thin and angular face are likely to get better results with a facelift compared to those who have a short jawbone, low cheekbone or a round face. The doctor also notes your skin irregularities, scars and other asymmetries of your face and then he can recommend the right technique to use. He will take photos of your face to put into your medical record.

  • Talk about your expectations

    • The doctor will want to know why you wish to get a facelift and what you expect to get from it. Take time to understand both the risks and the benefits of the procedure including hair loss and scarring. The normal asymmetry of your face cannot be corrected by a facelift.

After the surgery, it is important to take all medications as given and to follow other instructions to recover fast.


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