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Why is a Comprehensive Dental Exam important?

Why is a Comprehensive Dental Exam important?

A comprehensive dental examination in GA is a thorough evaluation of your oral condition as well as physical well-being. Your dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and also the surrounding structure, the jaw and your bite to determine if you require braces.

According to the results of your examination, a customized treatment plan will be structured for you. A comprehensive dental exam must consist of the below phases to ensure complete oral health of the patient.

  1. Periodontal – it is very important to ascertain the health of your gums; this will make you understand the impact of oral health on your overall well-being. You will get to know about the treatment options available to you and also know the importance of maintaining and monitoring the health of the gums during your scheduled dental visits.


  1. Teeth examination – during your comprehensive dental exam, all current and potential problems like cracks and caries must be documented. This will help chart treatment options that you will require both in the short and long term.


  1. Implants – all toothless patients as well as those who may lose teeth in the future are considered as prospects for implants. You may not see it as an option during your examination, but you must be ready for it in the coming future for cosmetic as well as oral health reasons.


  1. Cosmetic examination – your dentist will be able to identify all opportunities for cosmetic dentistry as well during your comprehensive exam. You will be advised about your conditions and treatment options.


  1. Occlusal exam – this allows your dentist to diagnose and point out bite problems. This examination sets the stage for intervention by an orthodontist for corrective measures.


Benefits of the comprehensive examination

There are several ways in which a comprehensive dental exam will help you:

  • You will be able to determine if your dentist is thorough and attentive to all your oral healthcare needs.

  • You will get a comprehensive treatment plan including both elective as well as need-based treatments.

  • It will enable you to map out future cosmetic and elective treatments for all teeth and gum related issues.

  • You get to know your dentist personally and vice versa allowing for a long-term relationship. You will also be able to determine the range of treatment options the dentist’s office has to offer. This can at times help you move on to a better dental office as well.

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