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Why many people are turning to facelift?

Why many people are turning to facelift?  

Rhytidectomy in Ohio, or a facelift, is a very popular procedure. Most of the time, when people reach their mid-forties; they will start to see aging signs, these signs make you look or feel old.  The signs of aging can be jowls, creases, droopy skin, loss of volume, fine lines and wrinkles. Everybody yearns for a revitalized, youthful and refreshed appearance and they turn to a facelift to achieve it. Each surgical technique will be customized to every individual patient and the patient can achieve a natural looking yet dramatic results without experiencing the side effects and complications that may develop with a surgery.  

Problems solved with afacelift

When it comes to the face, it is hard to hide aging signs like jowls, creases, sagging skin and wrinkles. Some people may feel young but such vitality may not translate on their faces. This is why these signs may be reversed through a facelift surgery and these patients can achieve a youthful and smoother look on their face. The results achieved from a facelift may last over 15 years. Such long lasting results that the patients can achieve will help them to rebuild their confidence because of their improved appearance.

Risks of facelift

With any surgical procedure, there are always associated risks. These risks may be minimized when you choose an experienced and qualified surgeon who is specialized in facial surgery. The surgeon will ensure the safety of the patients and does everything to make sure that patient gets the best outcome without too much risk.
The risks that may be a result of a facelift procedure are:

  • Postoperative complications after a facelift are the common complications with any surgery like hematoma, bleeding and anesthesia complications.

  • Hair loss may take place near the incision site but it is temporary.

  • Skin loss happens in rare occasion but it can take place only with those who smoke because heavy smoke will decrease the blood flow. However, surgeons will not perform the surgery on a person who is a heavy user if the person does not quit smoking for at least a month prior to the surgery.

  • Tingling and numbness on the incision area. The changes in the skin sensation can last for some months or in rare cases, couple of years.



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