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15 Game-Changing Fashion Tips Men Should Know and Follow

It may seem like there are plenty of lessons to know about good style, and actually, there is, but that is if you want to be enrolled in a fashion school. However, looking sharper than the rest of the guys out there is very simple and solely requires knowing, doing, and changing some little things. These type of things can be summarized into short, easy-to-remember principles and facts.  

Keep on reading if you want to find the best style tips that you should be doing right now. You can thank us later.

  1. Do your clothes actually fit you?

When we talk about fit clothes, you should look for that trim-but-not-too-tight all in the middle that’s just right for your body. In other words, jeans shouldn’t be loose, tucked-in dress shirts shouldn’t be bulky, and T-shirts shouldn’t turn you into a 6-year old who’s wearing an extra large shirt. And also, you may want to avoid skin-tight clothes as well.

  1. If you found a short shirt or pair of pants that fits well, purchase two.

This is great if the store is on sale. Buy them in a different colors, pattern or washed. Bear in mind that you have to wear clothes 365 days a year.

  1. Never ever wear dad jeans, avoid them.

Don’t hide that booty, if you have it, show it with the right jeans. The trick here is to opt for a pair of low-rise, slim-fit jeans will usually do the trick.

  1. Fit the clothes prior to buying them.

Yes, we know sometimes we get lazy to go to the dressing room, but stop complaining! It’s important that you make sure the clothes fit you well and you don’t need to return it always.

  1. Take a break from buying brown and black shoes.

There is so much more out there! You may want to try colored leather and suede for other shoe options. Get a little bold with blues, reds, or grays. You may partner a black belt with gray shoes or a brown belt with oxblood red will look incredibly great.

  1. Suspenders or belts?

Please, never wear them both at the same time. Just choose one.

  1. Have your baggy suits tailored.

Don’t be worried to spend some extra money to get your suits, or shirt and pants tailored. Two reasons why they are worth it to get tailored, first is, you’ll look super elegant and second is, it’ll transform your clothes to look way more costly than they actually are.

  1. Always roll up your sleeves on your button-ups and flannels.

It’s not important what your forearms look like. Revealing them makes you twice as attractive as you are already.

  1. Just one blazer can transform your wardrobe.

A single black or dark navy blazer assembled with quality material is a must-have. You can partner it up with a button-up shirt, or dress it down with a T-shirt. You may consider it as the Swiss Army knife of apparel.

  1. Don’t wear your gym clothes if you’re not even going to the gym.

No need to explain this! Gym clothes are for the gym only or it’s either you’re going to the gym or your way home from the gym.

  1. Incorporate some bright color from time to time

It’s not that bad to always adore your blacks and blues and grays, but you may want to pop some color to your outfit and surprise people every now and then.

  1. Don’t wear athletic sneakers all the time.

Although athletic-inspired styles and streetwear clothing are popular nowadays, it doesn’t actually mean that you need to wear sneakers every time you step out. But feel free to rock your new pair of New Balance or fashion sneakers from time to time.

  1. Go try different and fun socks.

Why not splurge on socks? Socks are a fun way to upgrade your overall outfit. So go ahead and partner your outfit with coordinating socks!

  1. Get classier with a good-looking watch.

It doesn’t really matter if you are wearing a Rolex or a cheap watch you purchased from some store. Wearing a fashionable watch instantly puts together while also incorporating a vintage vibe that will gravitate some eyes.

  1. Wear the proper tie with your shirt.

Just to give you a rule of thumb on this, the primary color of the tie should create a great contrast with your shirt, while a subordinate color in the tie should match it.




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