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5 Must-Have Christmas Fashion Gifts for Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 is coming, which means two things: soon it will be time to prepare the Christmas decorations and if your present list needs to be in order pretty sharpish. If you haven’t a clue what you want yet this year, but you’re a fashion lover with a vengeance then I might have a few ideas about what you could want.

So, with that in mind what are five of the best gifts that even the most stringent fashionista will be pleased to receive this Christmas? Trust me, I would know - I am one.


1) Nail Polish

We all love nail polish. In fact, we all really love nail polish. But you know what I love more than simple nail polish? Really, really, good quality nail polish that makes my nails feel like they are being enveloped in heaven.

There are a lot of different types you can buy, but for Christmas, you need to ask for something that is particularly expensive.


2) Wood Scent

No, really. Do you love the scent of the outdoors? This is particularly good for winter as it brings the nature you are sorely missing - the greens have all but gone from our lives - back into your living space.

Aesop provides such a spray; it’s kind of fruity and kind of woodsy. It’s high quality and if you want a spray to make your home smell as delicious as possible, then this is the one for you.


3) Mixology Set

Not for the DJ, but for the drinker. A set of alcoholic drinks and mixers can be great fun, especially to try out through the festivities of the day. It might not be fashion, but it will surely make you feel good.

Ask for a set with a stylish glass or two packed inside if you want. But be sure to get the beginners set, as you don’t want to have to spend hours mixing an overcomplicated drink as a present. Unless you are giving it to your worst enemy. In which case, buy away…


4) Ball Earrings

Round, fluffy, balls hanging from your ears are going to be all the rage come the end of 2017. It seems bizarre, but it’s true and your feelings on the matter won’t change that.

Either put them on your Christmas list and become part of the craze or judge those of us that do. It’s your call!


5) Friendship Bracelets

Yes, let your inner preteen rejoice. The friendship bracelet is back. Gone are the bracelets meant as romantic gestures, in their place are testaments to the bond between you and your besty. A much more sacred and important union at any rate.

You can have these made or purchased in various styles, and even a cool Thomas Sabo Charm to put on them, to fit the most opposite-attracts of besties. So, start hinting to your BFF and let her know that the two of you need to take your friendship to the next level. Sharpish.

And with that, your Christmas list is off to a flying start! Sure, there are about a zillion other things you could want. And if we’re being real, there definitely is about fifty more things you could use in your life right now. But, hey, we’ve all gotta start somewhere in life. For Christmas 2017 this is a pretty decent start.

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