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Choosing your Body Jewelry in Canada

Body Jewelry Canada allows you the opportunity in your everyday life, to wear any type of jewelry, from fantasy to gold or silver. However, you will need to adore jewelry practice, or at least that is neither embarrassing nor cumbersome. The gestures and postures we adopt in our daily lives could damage them or prevent you from moving properly.

A wide necklace will not be ideal in the office, but a simple necklace seems to be a good idea, more judicious. For your bracelets, make sure they are thin enough not to be a hindrance to the multiple tasks that punctuate your daily life.

On the other hand, let your imagination speak and get out there for your evenings or other special moments of relaxation. These are ideal moments to wear a jumper with multiple ornaments, accompanied by dangling earrings. Put a big ring on your finger and indulge yourself in the choice of your bracelet.

At a formal party, a reception or any other event where you wear a distinguished outfit, Body Jewelry Canada cannot advise you anything other than yellow or white gold, and to a lesser extent money. This choice may depend on your outfit. Why not a finery?

You want to buy a ring? You have chosen the ring? One obstacle before ordering: your fingertip or finger size. There is a simple way to know your fingertip or finger size, provided you already have at least one ring whose size suits you.

Take a sheet of paper, a pencil, a simple ruler and your reference ring. Put it on the sheet of paper and draw with your pencil a circle along the inside of your ring, your pencil to stick as much as possible to the inner body of the ring. Make sure you have drawn the circle, and remove the ring. You just have to measure the diameter of the circle drawn and multiply this value by 3.14 (or "Pi" for the most mathematicians of you) to get the perimeter of your finger, and therefore of your ring!

You will find on the Internet many baguiers which will allow you, by placing your reference ring against the ringuier, to find easily and quickly your fingertip.

You can also, using a measuring tape measure the turn of your finger. Be sure to take the measurement where the ring is placed, as well as to do it in atmospheric conditions that do not change the size of your fingers as the ambient heat.


Like the shape of the jewel, its color is important and can highlight a face, body or clothing. All tastes are in nature, and all the colors of jewel will probably not suit you. It's all about finding the color that enhances you. It is therefore necessary once again to play on the contrasts. If your skin color is dark, choose a bright jewel or bright color. A jewel in clear glass, gold or silver will certainly suit you.

If you have fair skin, you can wear jewelry in dark shades or on the contrary, support this clarity with a transparent jewel, glass or with a zirconium oxide. Be careful to coordinate your jewelry with your clothes! Will you choose your clothes according to your jewelry, or your jewelry according to your clothes? We leave you to answer this question.


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