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Guide to the 5 Best Beaches in Greece

During spring break, many students in California will be planning a vacation at the beach to get away from academic stress. California is located by the sea so students can simply vacation at the beaches nearby without spending lots of money in beach vacations abroad. The following are the best 5 beaches for spring break in California.

1. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a 7-mile long sandy beach nestled in between canyons in Southern California. The beach is about 1 hour driving distance from Los Angeles. The beach is suitable for carrying out various activities such as snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving. Many artists like to come to this beach to attend art festivals. Some of the art festivals that have been organized at Laguna Beach are Sawdust Art Festival and Art-a-Fair. While here, you can go strolling along an quaint street.

2. Newport Beach

Newport Beach has had regular visitors since 1905. Surfing is the most popular activity at Newport Beach. You can also go strolling on the boardwalk that spans for 2.9 miles. There are 2 piers including Newport Pier and Balboa Pier. Beside surfing, you can also enjoy other activities such as sailing, rowing and paddling. The Orange County Museum of Art nearby offers over 3,000 arts objects in exhibition. The Dory Fleet Market is located nearby to restaurants like Bear Flag Fish Co., and Bluewater Grill. You can take part in whale watching cruise if you are interested in watching whales. Visit this site.

3. Venice Beach

In Venice Beach, you will find a lot of ball courts with free entrance including handball court, basketball court, paddle tennis court and skateboarding park. You can also go strolling on the beachfront boardwalk. While walking along the boardwalk, you can enjoy the music performed by the street entertainers. You can also join in the drum circle and take a stick to make some noise. It is nearby to a shopping district that is filled with fashion boutique and furniture shops. There are lots of food trucks pulled up nearby where you can to get some delicious meal. During the First Friday of each month, you will see the most number of food trucks lined up. On this day, you can also enjoy free music at the Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

4. Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach is a dog friendly white sandy beach in California. It is situated about 1 mile from central Key West. While at Smathers Beach. you can often observe planes take off and land on the nearby airport. It is nice to walk on the soft sand since there is no sharp stones. If you want to bask under the sun, you can rent a beach chair. It is equipped with a full range of facilities including a volleyball court, restroom, and jet skis. Outdoor shower rooms are available to wash away the salt from your body after swimming. The beach is open to public in between 7 am – 11 pm.

5. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach is a large 3.5 miles soft sandy beach. It is very convenient to buy stuff from the nearby shops. You can also find plenty of hotels and restaurants around the area. The Santa Monica Pier spans from Colorado Blvd to the middle of the Santa Monica city. There is an amusement park that is open year round. If you like to watch fishes, you can visit the aquarium. There are paved walkways where you can go strolling and cycling. The bike lane is about the length of the beach. Some of the activities you can do at Santa Monica beach are splashing water, exercising, surfing and paddleboarding.


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