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Tips for Planning the Best Birthday Party for Your 8 Year Old Son

Birthday parties are some of most fun parties for kids because this is that one day that they can be their own boss and eat all the sweets, all the cakes and receive all the presents! Planning a birthday party for your 8 year old son can be quite the task especially since these days, kids are more into digital games and don’t quite enjoy the old school birthday parties that you might have had during your times! So how do you go about planning a party for your 8 year old son without it being too cliché and basic? Here are a few tips to help you organize the best birthday party for 8 year old son -

Customized cakes

Customized cake is the most fun way to get a party started! Kids love cake and what they love more than just cake is customized cake! You can easily customize your son’s birthday cake with his photo on the cake or even in the shape of his favorite comic super hero! You can either go for a photo cake where the photo of his favorite super hero id printed in edible ink on the cake or you can go for a completely shaped cake. In a shaped cake, the entire cake is made in the form or an object such as a rocket, a planet, a superhero’s face and so on. This will be a sweet surprise for your son which won’t even cost too much if you order it online for cake delivery in Bhiwadi or any place across India.

Party Games

There are tons of different party games that you can select from such as Pictionary, riddles, coloring games etc. If you want to add that extra touch of fun to the party, you can also hire a party host who specializes in kids’ birthday parties as he will know exactly how to keep the energy and momentum flowing through the party. Party hosts also have a ton of different interactive games that the play with the kids which you might not have even heard of! This will make your party stand out from the regular birthday parties but adding that extra touch of fun and games!

Party favors

No kid’s birthday party is complete without party favors. You can plan out small return gifts such as small gift baskets or goodie bags where you can have cookies, chocolates, cupcakes or even small toys customized for each kid. This will not only add a more sophisticate touch to the party, it will also make all your son’s friends very happy because surprise gifts are always exciting! You can also customize assorted books of chocolates and cookies from the same bakery where you order your cake delivery in Bhiwadi and who knows, they might just give you extra discount for bulk orders!

Apart from this, do ensure you keep a close super vision on all the kids in the party because you don’t want anyone getting hurt while running around!


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