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10 tips on how to choose the perfect swimsuit

Figure type " hourglass"

If you haven’t sat on the spot all winter , hugging a can of condensed milk , and diligently engaged in yourself and spent enough time on the sport , your body was probably perfect and toned up by the beginning of the season. If at the same time you do not complain about proportions and can take your figure to the type of  hourglass” ( hips and shoulders are almost the same width , thewaist is pronounced), then you can safely choose your bikini: this type of swimsuit is created for owners of perfect Hollywood proportions. Find more at the https://it.incanto.eu/catalog/costumi-da-bagno/

FIG type " pear"

Owners of figures such as " pear" ( thigh noticeably wider , than the shoulders), stylists advise to choose a swimsuit model , which would be visually reduced the hip and shoulder girdle increased. The top of the swimsuit should be with clasps or ties around the neck - such a simple reception will visually expand the shoulders. It will also look great swimsuit type " gang" - without strings on the top of the swimsuit. It is better to choose panties simple , without excessive decor: there should not be bows or ties on the sides , since this visually expands the hips.

FIG type " inverted triangle"

 If your figure can be attributed to the type of " inverted triangle" ( shoulders are noticeably wider than the hips), you need to choose a swimsuit in such a way as to divert attention from the shoulder girdle and focus it on the legs and hips. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to swimsuits with wide straps. At the bottom, both ties , bows , ruffles , and flounces are welcome - they visually enlarge the hips. Girls with narrow hips are very shorts - they create a horizontal ,thanks to which the lower part of the body looks harmonious.

FIG type " rectangle"

Owners type figure " rectangle" ( when the waist is almost not expressed) need to choose a swimsuit , which will create the illusion , that the shoulders and hips wider , than the waist. A great solution - monokini - one-piece swimsuits with unexpected and bold silhouettes. They draw attention to the waist , making a special emphasis on it , and , moreover , distinguish from the crowd with their extravagant cut.


Big size

If you have a magnificent figure , you should pay attention to the one-piece swimsuits with bright patterns and thick wide straps. The colorful pattern will distract attention from the imperfections of the figure , and wide straps will support the chest and slightly tighten the tummy.

Small breasts

For girls with small breasts and a desire to visually enlarge, swimsuits with bright prints , drapes ,rhinestones , decorative inserts and embroidery in the upper part will do - these details create an illusion of volume. Also do not forget about push up cups.


Once in the dressing room , I do not regret the time , to test your favorite swimsuit model. Turn around , jump , jump: it should sit tight , and at the same time you should be comfortable in it. If it is at least a little small , you should not buy it - it is better to choose a swimsuit that fits you perfectly in size.


Do not forget , that your image can be made even more charming and stylish with the help of accessories. Pick up a comfortable and beautiful bag to your swimsuit , in which everything you need fits , and do not forget about the lightweight beach tunic , which does not hinder movement and looks great worn over your beach suit.


You need to come to the beach in ideally comfortable shoes , in which the foot does not slip. The best option - rubber slates , which are not afraid of contact with water , emphasize the perfect pedicure and tastefully chosen swimsuit.


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