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10 Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Try Tai Chi



As art of self-development, Tai Chi Chuan has a unique soft and deep effect on the human body. You may be surprised at the versatility of this martial art. Tai Chi has a holistic and harmonious impact on the body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, it is suitable for people of all ages.

Maintaining good physical shape and body mobility

Tai Chi Chuan helps to maintain flexibility and mobility of the body, especially for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. During the practice, almost all muscles are involved in the work. They repeatedly strain and relax. Tai Chi movements do not include heavy and difficult exercises, which makes it appropriate to everyone, regardless of age or health. 

Body wellness

For sick and weakened people, Tai Chi is an excellent addition to conservative treatment. Performing movements in a relaxed and smooth manner in combination with breathing exercises stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolism, stimulates regenerative processes, and improves overall well-being. 

Disease prevention and increased life longevity

People who practice Tai Chi Chuan have excellent health at any age. This practice stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms and also counteracts factors that suppress immunity, like stress and environmental pollution. Performing the Tai Chi Chuan complex is an element of daily hygiene of the body and mind. After all, our joints, internal organs, muscles, and brain also need regular care.

Improved vision

Tai Chi Chuan presupposes a certain gaze technique that trains the eyes. By shifting your gaze from your hands into the distance and back, concentrating and defocusing your gaze, you relieve eye muscle tension and improve blood circulation to the eyes.

Rehabilitation after injuries

Even if your f health is dramatically poor, the gentle and gradual effect of Tai Chi allows you  rehabilitation to a normal life. The main thing is persistence and will to recover. For complete rehabilitation, it is advisable to contact an experienced teacher and draw up an individual program together with your pain management specialist.

Improving body shape and flexibility

The movements of the Tai Chi complex are based on alignment of the spine, efficient use of the lower back, and high coordination of all parts of the body in movement. You will definitely improve posture, while your movements will become smooth and beautiful. Many dancers practice Tai Chi to improve their plasticity, balance, and sense of rhythm.


Every movement of Tai Chi Chuan can be used in self-defense. The complex has three levels of combat applications. Moreover, one movement of Tai Chi can contain more than ten martial techniques.

Lowering the risk of injuries

Regardless of whether there is a physical attack or an external traumatic factor, the instinctive softness and precision of movements will significantly reduce the consequences of injury. This is especially helpful for elderly people, for whom injuries are extremely dangerous.

Behavior in extreme situations

For people who often find themselves in extreme situations, practicing Tai Chi allows them to maintain restraint and calmness. The complex is not only about movements and techniques, but also psychological preparation that trains your will and the ability to self-control.

The main reason for inadequate human behavior in extreme situations is excessive stress and uncontrollable emotions. In Tai Chi Chuan, great attention is paid to deep relaxation in any situation. A significant part of the practice is devoted to control over the emotional state. All this allows you to behave in any most extreme situation as meaningfully and clearly as possible.

Elimination of emotional problems 

Deep relaxation while performing the Tai Chi Chuan complex removes emotional blocks in the body. Concentration on body sensations leads to revision of the emotional history and getting rid of psychological complexes. In fact, Tai Chi is one of the methods of body-oriented psychotherapy.



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