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5 Fashion Trends For Seniors To Look Out For


Ever feel like you’re in a wardrobe rut? If you’re struggling to feel stylish over 60, it might be time to shake things up. It can be difficult to identify with current trends when all you see are young models posing in magazines, but that doesn’t mean you should rule out contemporary fashion completely.

If you feel more frayed than fabulous, then it’s time to throw the conventional stylebook out the window and redefine your look. To help you stay stylish, here are five fashion trends for seniors to watch out for in 2018.

Fitted Clothes

We all know that bodies change when they get older, so why do we try to hide it? This year, let’s celebrate women of all ages and sizes by encouraging them to embrace their natural shapes. Stand proud and show off curve-flattering fits rather than hiding behind layers or baggy shirts. Fitted might mean wearing stylish Bodycon dresses or shapely blouses, or it could mean dressing more conservatively in a fitted cardigan and slim-cut jeans. You may also try to wear and buy colorful and trendy Indian clothing online. Fitted doesn’t have to be tight, nor should it be too tight, so try a few different styles and discover what suits you best.

Bright Colors

With summer just around the corner, bright colors are back. This means it’s time to stop wearing all-black outfits, however flattering they seem. Instead, stand out with dresses, skirts, and scarves that scream color. Big, bold jewelry can make more subdued outfits look more experimental, while colorful highlights could give your hair a new lease of life. Red lipstick is undeniably feminine, and prints like tie-dye and batik are back on trend whatever your age. The tendency is to try and fade into the background once you get older but now is your time to shine! Make yourself vibrant and visible by injecting some color into your wardrobe.


Fashion Accessories

The fashionable accessory is another important part to improve your look and addon to your style. You should wear jewelry, coats and scarves, shoes and socks, jewelry - ring, bracelet and earrings, belt, hair clip, scarf, and wholesale hats.

Retro Hoop Earrings

Remember retro hoop earrings from the ‘60s and ‘70s? Like it or not, they're back in fashion. Of course, there should be no limit to your style however old you are, but it’s important to remember that the skin becomes more sensitive over 50. While you may have worn all sorts of costume jewelry in your 20s, you may find that you’ve developed a sensitivity to metal or other jewelry materials over time. Luckily, you can find all sorts of nickel free earrings online that are both stylish and safe for the skin.


Women sometimes fall out of love with jewelry as they get older but this is where brooches come in. Brooches are considered a real fashion statement across the continent, and they can add real glamor to an otherwise straightforward outfit. These accessories are also useful for keeping scarves in place, pinning together a cardigan, or jazzing up a hat. Choose a brooch that shows off your personal style, whether it’s a vintage decorative piece or something bold and colorful, and wear it with pride.


Women are living longer, more prosperous lives than ever before. We're also able to look and feel our best well beyond the age of 60, so there should be no limits to what we can achieve. No matter what your style, if you wear something with confidence, it will never go out of fashion.



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