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5 Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Bedroom

While decorating the home, you should never ignore the bedroom. It is a place that is an important sanctuary for peaceful sleep and relaxing the mind. While decorating the bedroom you should create a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Creating a luxurious bedroom is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to keep the comfort and aesthetics in mind. Here are five things that you are doing wrong in your bedroom. Have a look to avoid these mistakes.


Overlooking Bedding Texture & Layering


The bedding plays a major role in determining the look of the bedroom. It does not just play a significant role in creating a good look, but also determines the comfort level of the room. The layering of the linen is important for adding texture to the room. Make sure that you chose the best flat sheets so that the bed is soft and comfortable. Apart from the sheets you should also create perfect layers with other bedding items such as duvets and pillows. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom so make sure that you use the best quality bedding to give it a luxurious touch.


Not Putting Right Pillows & Cushions


The best way of adding luxury to the bedroom is to add well-stuffed, plush pillows and cushions. If you prefer flat pillows for sleeping, then you can keep them in the cupboard or in a box. But when not sleeping, you can replace them with bounce back pillows as it gives a luxurious look to the bedroom. Putting two on each side of the bed is an excellent way of adding luxury to the bedroom.


Taking Too Much Time In Choosing Curtains & Drapery


People do not spend too much time selecting the draperies and curtain as the custom designs can take a lot of time and are expensive. The choice of the draperies and curtains can have a huge impact on the look of the room so it is important that you make the choice carefully. Pick the fabric and color that goes well with the décor of the room. You can also use some professional help if you are having difficulty in finding the best window coverings for the bedroom.


Don’t Keep Temperature Under Control


If you want to create a luxurious bedroom, then you should also make sure that you are keeping the temperature under control. The temperature of the room can have a significant impact on the comfort level of the bedroom. Make sure that the bedroom has a climate control system. It will help in making sure that the bedroom is comfortable. You only need to install a programmable thermostat that allows you to read to temperature habits and it will give you the optimal temperature that is best suited to your taste and comfort level.


Having Inappropriate Lighting


A luxurious bedroom will never be dark and dreary. If you want to create luxurious look, then you need to pay attention to the lighting that you choose. The lighting of the bedroom should not be too harsh as it can be uncomfortable. Select the lighting carefully so that you create the right mood.

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