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7 Lovely Birthday Ideas To Surprise Your Girlfriend


There is no denying the fact that women and girls love surprises more than gifts. So, if you genuinely want to make your girlfriend happy, then giving her some pleasant surprises is an excellent way of landing straight into her heart.

Throwing a birthday party is an incredible idea, but it doesn't involve many surprises. Instead, you can pull some fantastic surprises throughout the day to make her birthday a worth remembering day.

It is also true that most of the time, guys cannot find out the best surprises for their girlfriends that make them feel good. It is generally considered that girls are more creative when it comes to the matter of planning surprises for their boyfriends or beloved ones. Though it is quite impossible to beat the creativity level of girls, boys can try out thousands of endless ways to put a real smile on their girlfriend's face, especially on her birthday.

If you are planning something exceptional for your girlfriend and have no idea about what kinds of surprises can be given to your girlfriend, then don't worry. Here in the present discussions, we have come up with some striking birthday surprises ideas that will make your girl feel more special. Gift Registry can also resolve the issue for you, but let's find out a list of more unique ideas to increase your knowledge on this sensitive yet romantic subject.

The following are the different ways to surprise your girlfriend on her most special day of the year.


Birthday is incomplete without balloons as everyone wants balloons at their birthday party, specifically girls. Again, you can use balloons in different ways to surprise your girl, including:

  • Attaching the helium-filled balloons with the photo frames or with the collage of photos
  • Leaving colorful balloons on the floor where you have planned a birthday party
  • Decorating the top ceiling with helium balloons is the finest and the most attractive way.

If you want to surprise your beloved partner within your limited budget, then giving her a handmade birthday card is a unique idea. It will totally win her heart. Be creative and design something beautiful on the card.You can get endless ideas about how to create handmade birthday cards on your own or by searching it over the internet. It can give an even more immense effect if you prefer writing some romantic and touchy lines on it. The vivid expressions of love in words are the perfect way to make her all yours.  


Spending some precious moments together at an exotic location is the dream surprise gift of any girl. You can surprise her with a weekend plan and enjoy the priceless smile on her face. If you want her to feel more special, then you can pack her luggage as well. This small gesture is the gateway to her heart. You can present her tickets to a lovely place in another country or city where your other friends live as well. Give her the liberty to choose her favorite place to make her feel empowered in the relationship.


Surely, nothing can replace the idea of candles. Especially, rose petals are always taken as the symbol of love for ages. That is why including roses and candles is one of the most imperative parts of the birthday surprises.

If roses and candles are not enough, you can say some kind words that will make her feel the most special person in your life. You can also use this chance to propose her, but you will have to work extra on the decoration. It is something more fantabulous when you buy her a rose bouquet. Go for this option if your girl loves flowers’ fragrance.


Life becomes more enjoyable when you have some unbelievable memories with your loved ones. You can create a photo book for her by collecting all of hers and your favorite pictures. Add the photos of the day you guys met for the first time or enjoyed some funny moments together. Precisely,gifting a photo book is the most elegant way that makes her feel that you value all the moments you have spentwith her. It works like a treasure for her.


Couples love to watch movies together, and it is considered one of the best ways to make her day. You can watch a romantic movie on her birthday that will give you more time to get to know her. Your partner would love this idea too, so if you haven't found out about her favorite movie and her birthday is coming in a few days, then what are you waiting for? You can book tickets online, or you can watch a favorite movie at home. Spend some quality time together as those moments would never come again. It also gives her the feeling that you are prioritizing her over everything else.


If you cannot express your words in the most excellent way, then singing her favorite song is the most fabulous way to make her feel happy. That's the best expression of your words as well.

If you have got a pleasant voice, then it will work like the cherry on the top. You can bring a guitarist with you that will play the guitar for her, or playing the piano yourself is also the premium surprise of all. Ask her to close her eyes, decorate the room, bring the cake, and ask the guitarist to play her favorite song.


To win your girl's heart is not an easy task, but planning some unique surprises is always a great way that never disappoints your girlfriend. Undoubtedly, the ideas, as mentioned above, will work like a pro if you will take them seriously. After all, bringing a right smile on her face is the ultimate goal behind all this hard work, isn’t it?



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