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7 rules of women's health and beauty


Female happiness, beauty and harmony originate from women's health.

It would seem - what have health? We're talking about happiness, about the relationship between a man and a woman. Women's health is not just health, like the absence of illness and well-being. Female happiness, beauty and harmony originate from women's health. A healthy woman is filled with energy, radiating light and heat, attracting goodness, abundance and love into her life. Therefore, in the pursuit of happiness, start with health. What is necessary to maintain women's health?

  1. Healthy food

Here we have two extremes - either we eat anything, or we diet and count calories. Yes, calories are important, but they must be balanced. For women, it is important to eat rationally. She just needs sweet, dairy products, fruits or vegetables. Sweets are needed for a good mood because a woman never rests, she does not work at idle. Her brain doesn't turn off. And the brain works on sweet. Therefore, it is very important that the sweet was. Sweet helps to produce hormones of happiness - oxytocin and serotonin. Wrong sweet - white sugar, chocolates, and buns. Correct - dried fruits, wholesome sweets.

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It is important to choose products that like, give pleasure. If the gate of broccoli and cauliflower, then they will not bring benefit. If you really want, then you can have a little chocolate or buns. But remember, ladies and gentlemen, that you are sweet, you are seized with a lack of happiness. If there is too much chocolate in life, it means that there is little happiness and something must be done.

It is also important:

  • Do not eat a lot in the evening - a light snack will bring more benefits than a full dinner;
  • In no case do not throw garbage in you;
  • Constantly drink water. If you drink before meals - this medicine, after meals - nectar, while eating - poison. It is best to drink before meals, so you eat less. After a meal, you can drink only an hour. Remember that water must be of the highest quality. Ideally, the stomach should be half filled with food, a quarter with liquid and a quarter with air. You need to get up from the table with a slight feeling of malnutrition.

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  1. The correct mode of the day, the right time to sleep

Ayurveda says that from 21:00 to 00:30 a woman should sleep. This time is necessary to produce female hormones. For a woman, it is very important. Get up better before 6 am but it is important to get enough sleep: if a woman gets enough sleep, peace comes, an inner balance, she has more time.

  1. Women's clothing

A woman should walk in women's clothes. Pants are not only women's clothes, but they are also harmful to health, in them a woman feels worse. A woman in a skirt looks much prettier and feels better.

  1. Correct attitude to work

A serious cause of health problems lies in education and attitude to work. The mission of a woman is to love, create warmth and happiness. Modern work and education are opposed to these tasks; they are taught to live according to the male principle. In order for the family to have harmony, a woman must spend 70% of her energy. If she works, it deprives her of the opportunity to engage in a family. Only a woman supports the family, and she can destroy her.

  1. Habitat of the woman - the house

For women, home is much more important than for men. The house is the continuation of her thin body. A man who spends much time in a family becomes unhappy. But a woman loses strength, if she spends too much time in public, becomes unhappy. For her, the house is her soul, the atmosphere. She identifies herself with this.

  1. Caring for loved ones and yourself beloved

The purpose of a woman is to decorate the world, to give love and affection; it brings her happiness. If she does something without love, she is exhausted. When a woman cares about a man, he has the energy to grow and develop. But it is important to monitor the internal and external condition. A woman should feel like a beautiful perfect flower. Only then will a man be happy. If a woman does not love herself, no one will love her.

  1. Development of female qualities

Many women do not have enough vitality because they become unreal. They try to be men, but they cannot become them. A woman will have a similar haircut, in similar clothes, but a good man will not leave her. Therefore, she needs to learn to live according to the female scenario, this will bring her happiness and health. In India, the symbol of a woman is a cow. She is good to stand still and chew. A man is personified by a horse. He lives in motion. If you put the horse, he will graze and will begin to degrade. If you force a cow to run like a horse, it will look ridiculous and ridiculous.

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