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7 ways to quit smoking


In pursuit of the right lifestyle, smoking mothers are the worst off. It's not about the aunts who sit with a can of beer and a cigarette in the playground. It's about kind , caring and well-groomed mothers , whose only sin is secret smoking. And the main concern is to hide your sin from your beloved children. As fugitive criminals , they lead a double life. They bring up children in Montessori , are considered authorities in maternal forums , are not afraid to argue with pediatricians , go for early development and finger painting ... But at home in a secluded place are thin white alluring sticks. 

Good mothers also remember pregnancy with a feeling of deep guilt. Those , who smoked and then in moments of extreme sadness or joy of single cigarettes ( for the first nine months of " sole" had accumulated a lot of), now living in anticipation of reckoning. The child often coughs , breathes strangely in a dream , and begins to speak later than others - this is the consequence. A new threat looms ahead. According to statistics , in smokers parent children are also more likely to smoke , than non-smokers. 

In fact , they have a serious nicotine addiction , a good mother to each other are not recognized even by the nickname. That they have no relationship - so , overindulgence. But they themselves know the truth. The test is simple: when in the evening I wanted to " just relax," and there was no cigarette in the nest , everything starts to annoy - I want to cry , take offense at my husband , leave home ... to calm down and smoke at last , without leaving the tent. Com launched a lie then , when the baby , seeing someone else fuming aunt , asked her mother: "Do not you smoke?" And a good mother replied: "Of course, 

No! This is very harmful! Never do it! ”Why did she lie? Therefore it hopes to tie before , as a child learn to distinguish steam from the mouth of smoke. Indeed, good mothers have iron motivation. It remains only to choose a reliable method. 

Quitting smoking is like flying in a dream , without even thinking about falling. And enjoy motherhood without guilt with a bitter aftertaste of  one and only cigarette”. And do not fight with the tobacco stench , stubborn hair , who loves to braid your baby. Everything will work out, I tell you , the mother of two children , on the non-smoking counter of which 1179 days. 

Comments on each of the proposed methods are just the result of my experience. Perhaps , the ideal would be for you just what , for me did not work. And vice versa. If you don’t try, you don’t know. 

Method number 1

Get scared as it should. 

They honestly write on packs of cigarettes: “Smoking kills.” But fear stops only the most impressionable. However, we have a lot of frightening facts.

Woman gets 1 cigarette as much harm , as a man of 5. 

The effect of smoking on fertility is comparable to the removal of one ovary. 


Using cigarettes an average of three years brings the onset of menopause. 

The daughter of a smoking mother increases the risk of miscarriage by 72%. 

For baby clothes , hair and skin a smoking parent as dangerous , as the smoke itself. 


Method number 2

Persuade yourself 

Moral old-school NLP , neurolinguistic programming , helps to prepare well . One of the best examples of “coaxing yourself” is Allen Carr 's bestselling book,  An Easy Way to Quit Smoking.” It really helps ... But! Only once. Quitting smoking is truly astonishing. And so, after a few days, many people light a cigarette again ( “Then I'll give it up!”). Oops! And the second time this medicine does not work. The point is weakening motivation. Anyone can lose motivation. Even a good mother , who smokes in secret. Ot just switch you normal cigarette for vape which you can buy here https://myecigs.uk/. It will be easier, than quit smoking immediately, everything needs to be done gradually.


Method number 3

Start a no-smoking diary 

Break away from parent forums and switch to anti-smoking rooms. The most popular are nekurim.ru , nosmoking.ru , nekurim.ru , stopsmoking.ru. You will be surprised , how many people are experiencing the same fears , that you are. You will consult , compare yourself with others ,receive congratulations on each small winning date , and this is so nice! 

Method number 4

Install a non-smoking counter on your computer 


One of the best incentives for achieving this goal is the visual display of results. The counter can be downloaded on any anti-smoking website and installed on the screen of your computer or in your diary. Enter your personal data ( date of quitting smoking , cost of a pack and the number of cigarettes smoked per day) - and be proud of the results achieved! Every day, the meter will show you , on how many cigarettes you have refused and how much money it will save. Buy a new toy for them for your child and , seeing his joy , try not to cry. 

Method number 5

Find a replacement. 

If you have a specific nicotine addiction , you can get nicotine not from cigarettes , but from plasters or chewing gum. At least you wo n’t be poisoned by associated combustion products. If the ritual of smoke , gagging or twisting something in your hands is important to you , electronic cigarettes will come to the rescue. But all these miracles for it and set up , to keep the smoker depending , and our goal - freedom.


Method number 6

Think substitute itself 

man is not aware of , that he compensates for his habit. A smoke - this is a house , where you can hide , to postpone the solution to the problem. The cigarette turns into a key that opens access to the desired state. You calm down yourself , but to confirm the condition you need a cigarette ( in other cases - an amulet , pill , fortune-teller , psychoanalyst). You can not deprive yourself of this key , without giving anything in return. Psychologists offer a technique called the  Swing Pattern”. 


Imagine the picture. Your present way of " salvation" - a hand with a cigarette , badged to your mouth , the smoke , nasty taste. Now try to imagine the ideal that you want to achieve - you are improved. For example , you kiss a child , you are clean , honest and free. The secret is , to quickly switch between images , as the TV remote control , with the unpleasant to the pleasant. You can help yourself with a wave of your hand. This must be done quickly. The first picture is whack-second. And so five times. First, easily " to draw ”the first picture and it’s difficult to draw the second. But you will train. And once it will be difficult for you to imagine your hand with a cigarette as a " salvation". This means , that the pattern is destroyed. Which was required. 

Method number 7

Hang on the wall " Non-smoking calendar" 

When you give up nicotine, the human body experiences a typical reaction. You begin to run your schedule and you will see , that your relationship is not very special , difficult days are at weaning from nicotine. They just need to survive. This is a matter of time. At first you think , as much as possible not to smoke for an hour , and in a month you can not imagine , how it was possible to smoke every hour?


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