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A Brief Discussion on Seven Asian Tattoo Themes

Rub-on tattoos have disappeared from the market almost a decade ago, but, almost all individuals admitted remembering how they used to visit the arcade machine and come out with a temporary glittery design inked on their arm or shoulder.

Apart from butterflies and hearts, it was a trend to opt for Chinese scripts, Maori bands, Ying Yang, etc. Even though they did not speak to everyone culturally, they were popular because of their visual appeal and meaning.

Now that tattooing has gained recognition all across the globe, one may get the exotic Asian themes mentioned below for a lifetime. Please check them out right now.


Wondering which is the best place to get a tattoo in Thailand or any other preferred location? Keep that thought aside for a moment and concentrate on choosing a design. The lotus is considered significant by the Hindus and the Buddhists. The former believes the flower to represent divine beauty while the latter associates it to the purity of body, mind, and spirit.

A lotus is an analogy for the journey of human life since it emerges at the bottom of a muddy pond but eventually blossoms into beauty on the surface.

Chinese Script

Chinese characters are a well-acknowledged tattoo theme but among the Westerners. The elegance and enigma will look good on all the body parts but specifically the outer upper arm, back, chest, hip, shoulder, and nape of the neck. The appointed professional uses lesser strokes for the Chinese script so one does not feel much pain.

Koi Fish

The Koi fish or Japanese Carp is noted for the vibrant colours. They can swim upstream, hence, encourages people to face the challenges inflicted by life rather than surrendering to fate.  Starting from independence and bravery to perseverance and power, koi fish tattoos treasure profound connotations.


The Maori shapes and patterns are used for marking significant tribal rituals. Rather than acting only as ornamentation, each image illustrates one’s position, status, age, and strength. Maori tribal bands have been around since time immemorial but still somehow managed to retain their significance.


In almost all the East Asian nations, a dragon stands for wisdom, protection, and power. But, the Western culture perceives this mythological creature as outright evil. One may get the face, the silhouette, or a miniature dragon releasing gaudy flames. Just imagine the phenomenal charm it will create.

Ying Yang

Ying Yang, a common tattoo theme, is also called the Taijitu and popular in the nations that follow Taoism. The concept originated in China and seen as counterbalance and interconnection.YingYang is the unity that must exist between two genders. The white Yin stands for the female while the black Yang for male.


Geisha tattoos are often misunderstood because according to the popular belief they are associated with prostitution. In actuality, however, geishas represent femininity and beauty, grace, and intelligence that come along. Woman can go for this theme to celebrate themselves.

If the individuals have decided on the design, they must now choose a proficient, experienced, and credible artist.The experts working for a renowned tattoo studio Thailand emphasised the significance of safety quotient. Who would want infections, right?


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