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A Buyer Guide for Kids Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are not just for adults. Companies like FitBit and LETSCOME have moved further to design useful kids trackersthat enable parents to track the activities of their children. Today, there are many fitness trackers for kids at different price ranges, from LeapFrog LeapBand to Garmin Vivofit Junior.


The existence of different forms of fitness trackers for children only makes choosing the right gadget difficult. Every gadget seems to have outstanding features with very few drawbacks. But before you pull your credit card to buy a fitness tracker for your child, it is important to analyze the gadget to ensure that it will give you the biggest bangs for your bucks.


The purpose of this article is to help you make the right purchase decision. I want you to buy a fitness tracker that won’t just look glossy in the eyes of your child. I want you to buy your toddler a gift that can and will give them the best value for the money. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you spend your hard-earned cash.


Is the Fitness Tracker Waterproof?

Think of a fitness tracker as an all-season gadget that your child may want to use all the time, come rain come sunshine. A water-resistant band is not just good for use on land; it is a device necessary for use in water. In other words, if your kid loves to swim, you might want to track not just their activities on dry ground but also in the swimming pool.


The best waterproof fitness tracker can track the laps swam, time spent in water, calories burned in water, and even monitor the heart of a swimming child.


Does the tracker have a long battery life?

One of the issues I have with most fitness tracker is the battery life. Of course, a fitness tracker that has a short battery life can be a big deal, particularly to parents who want their kids to have the trackers on throughout the day. What you need is an activity and fitness tracker that can last a very long time without charge.


Go for a fitness watch whose battery can last at least five days without charge. The likes of LETSCOME are good because they have a battery life of about 3 months. Garmin Vivofit Junior’s Fitness Watch is the best because it has a battery life of 365 days.


How accurate is the step-tracking feature?

If a fitness tracker can monitor steps smoothly, go for it. If it can’t, do not waste your time buying it. It is important to read customer reviews on stores like Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy before you pull your credit card to buy.


Does it count calories burned and consumed?

A good fitness tracker is the one that allows you to know how much calories your kids burns. This way, you can create a healthy diet plan that has fewer calories than they burn.


What is the cost of the tracker?

Every fitness tracker for kids has its own price tag. While how much you can pay is a matter of personal preference, the price of an item isn’t something we can obviously toss outside through the window. Besides, different products attract different prices so that you can buy that which is in your budget range.

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