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A Peek into the Cultural Evolution of Mexican Huaraches

Mexican huaraches are very popular in the US during the summer months. Handmade leather huaraches likely originated in Mexico in and around Jalisco, Michoacán, and Yucatán. They were worn by farmers who needed protection for their feet in open terrains. In the 1960s, huaraches gained recognition in the US alongside the growing hippie culture.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the origin of huaraches, but we do know that they were popularly used by the indigenous people who fashioned theirs using robust raw materials. By the 20th century, rubber from discarded car tires was used to make the sole of huaraches. As a result, they lasted longer and could be used in rough terrains.

Currently, huaraches are not limited to Mexico. They are readily available online and in brick-and-mortar stores around the globe, including the US. The basic design includes a handwoven vegetable tanned leather upper section that is woven through holes in the footbed. The shoe or sandal displays a detailed pattern, and they are made in closed, peep, or open-toed designs. There are also huarache boots, complete with adjustable side ties that are like leather shoelaces for huaraches. You can even find huaraches in a gamut of colors such as tan and brown, or even in brighter shades and multi-colored patterns.

The Mexican huarache is an important part of modern pop culture because of its relaxed, traditional look. The shoes are an accessory of choice among the more fashionable younger millennials. Currently, huaraches are increasingly mass-produced, factory-made, and easily accessible shoes. They are more of a fashion statement, having deviated from their old reputation of being farmer shoes. In the contemporary era, owning a pair of huaraches reflects one’s chic collection of footwear!

There are hundreds of online retailers selling these sandals, but not all huaraches are made alike. Brand X Huaraches have been designing traditional huaraches since 1973. Their huaraches are designed in California but handwoven in Mexico. What’s unique about Brand X Huaraches? No two pairs are exactly alike, reflecting the hard work of the Mexican artisans who make them. Yet, the designs have a traditional look with a modern feel!

FUN FACT: If you ever visit Mexico, you might notice that huarache refers to another item as well. If you hear people ordering huaraches in restaurants, they are referring to a popular local snack. A huarache is big, oval-shaped tortilla with a topping of beans, cheese, salsa, potatoes, onions, meat, and cilantro. The snack gets its name because of its oblong shape that somewhat resembles a huarache sandal.


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