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All You Need to Know the “Hollywood” Smiles

As plastic surgeries, a lot of celebrities choose cosmetic dentistry to do smile makeovers for their red carpet and social events.

For decades, stars were shown on these reunions their newly-acquired dental treatments that help them to achieve a better appearance.

So, if you think that the smile of Tom Cruise is all natural, you need to see his smile before his teeth makeover.

Nowadays with the abrupt rise of social media platforms like Instagram, we can see “Instagram-celebrities” online showing a brand new smile that encourage other people to change the look of their teeth.

Changing your teeth in order to have a more beautiful smile is better known as getting a “Hollywood” smile.

Over the past of many, many years, celebrities inspired thousands of people to change something in their bodies with plastic surgeries such as breast implants, liposuctions, and facelifts in order to get the most similar look to those actresses and actors on movies and television.

Of course that a lot of people is against of plastic surgeries because you need to accept you and love yourself the way you are.

But, there is always something that doesn’t like us about ourselves. When something about ourselves bothers us, sometimes it can make us feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Cosmetic dentistry in San Diego can help you to change all those things that you want to change to begin feeling better about yourself. I don’t see this as something wrong, actually I see this as a proof of the love for ourselves.

If you are curious about the cosmetic treatments that can help you to achieve your goal, you can find cosmetic dentistry offices in San Diego.

They can explain to you all the purposes of every single cosmetic procedure, and also which would be better for you.


How can afford a “Hollywood Smile”?

I know what exactly you are thinking right now. That celebrities can afford “Hollywood Smile” because they have the money to it.

But, how can you afford it? Well, in the past probably cosmetic dentistry wasn’t available to all of us due to the costs.

However, nowadays is easier for us to afford cosmetic procedures successfully.

Plus, technology has changed too, give better opportunities to dentists in Clairemont, San Diego to work better and faster with their patients.

Now, I know you are probably worried about the costs, but believe, out there are a lot of dentists that can help you to improve your smile giving you financial options.

Remember you don’t have coverage for cosmetic dental treatments with your dental insurance company, and that means that you are paying for your makeover.

Many patients think that it is impossible to get a Hollywood smile without break your bank account. But certainly, there are ways to get the smile you always dreamed of without spending too much.

For instance, if you want porcelain veneers but you can’t afford them, probably your alternative would be resin (composite) veneers.

Of course, it is not the same thing, but the results you are going to get are remarkable as well.

The first thing you need to do is going to an esthetic dental professional. Be sure that this dentist has a portfolio with before and after photos of his procedures.

If you can, try to clear the doubts you have, because some dental procedures are irreversible, so try to be well informed before doing it.


How to Fix the Gaps between the Teeth

Okay, I said that cosmetic dentistry focuses on to give you a more beautiful smile, but some of them are also to prevent more significant dental problems.

For example, missing teeth are not an exclusive problem for senior patients. If you lost a tooth due to an accident or untreated cavities, you need to fill that space.

That empty space between your teeth left it by a missing tooth can cause you a lot of problems such as tooth decay or misalignment teeth.

Although your teeth have memory and they know that they belong to that spot where they are if teeth have the chance to move around due to gaps in your mouth.

You can be sure that your teeth are going to run around causing you bigger troubles in your dental health.

If you have an empty spot between your teeth and don’t know what a dental implant is, let me explain it to you in short words.

Dental implants are fake teeth roots that San Diego dentists place into the jaw through a surgery.

After the placement of these implants, patients wait for a few months until they are ready for the installation of the porcelain crowns.

The dental crown will mimic the upper part of a natural tooth, and this is the final touch. After this step, patients can be able to enjoy any kind of food, smile without other people seeing gaps, laugh without covering their mouths, among other amazing benefits that a dental implant can give.

 The perfect patient for a tooth implant must be in good shape, and have great overall health, especially in the mouth.

This means that even when you wish a dental implant in San Diego, you need to check first if you are a candidate for it.

For instance, a person who suffers from a periodontal disease can’t be a good candidate for dental implants.

Periodontal disease attacks patient’s gums, and a tooth implant needs gums to fit in your mouth perfectly.

Actually, if you don’t have enough bone in your jaw to place an implant, you probably are going to need a bone graft surgery to achieve the operation successfully.

Dental implants are intimately connected with the gum tissues and underlying bone in the mouth.


Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Better Smiles

People can sometimes believe that having a beautiful smile is not necessary.

But at the same time, they feel uncomfortable with their smiles. So, they begin to search options to start with the changes in their lives and mouths.

But, since every person has different needs, every single patient will need different treatments in order to improve their smiles.

For instances, if a patient has chipped teeth as a result of an accident, they can enhance this with veneers, crowns or composite contouring.

But, if they have chipped teeth due to bruxism, they are going to need to treat this condition before they begin with the restorative dental work.

Now, as I was saying before, if you have missing teeth you are going to see your dentist first to know if you are eligible for a dental implant.

If you need a bone graft surgery, you can’t receive any dental implant until you have the bone graft.

You can learn more about bone graft by going to www.serenasandiegodentist.com and find more information about bone graft and dental implants.

Remember that every case is different, and the results can be different as well. Just try to get all the information you can before taking a decision. Improving your smile is a significant event.

Now, take into account that not people need bone graft or implants. Sometimes people only need to have their regular cleaning and teeth whitening procedures to have a nice smile.

You can get amazing results by going to a good dentist in San Diegowho can thoroughly explain to you what you need and why.

Dentists in San Diego can be honest with you and give exactly what you need for the fair cost. Plus, remember that you need to agree with any idea your dentist give to do in your teeth.

That is why you must get all the information you can before any kind of dental procedure.

A Hollywood Smile is not an impossible dream, and it is not exclusive to specific people or celebrities. Nowadays you have incredible opportunities to enjoy a better appearance and health in your teeth.

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