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Animated Explainer Video Ideas For High Impact Communication

Featuring videos on your website, blog or social media account are a very good way to get your message across to your target audience since people prefer to click on videos rather than read through pages of content. An animated explainer video will help you send a very powerful message and enable you to build your brand and so better business. Since they offer excellent returns on investment, these videos are increasing very much in popularity.

Research shows that more people are likely to purchase a product following an explainer video. These videos help growing business owners track conversion rates and see how many visitors on their sites are actual customers. Most businesses count sales manually to assess which products are popular, keeping track of the product or services that interest potential customers.

Hiring a reliable and well known Marketing Video Production Australia firm will definitely be a good idea since the animated explainer video has to be produced very carefully in order to be useful. Even so, do go through the ideas listed below to see how you can ensure that your videos are successful:

Keep it short and sweet: Your animated video should never be longer than 90 seconds, although 60 is ideal, because people simply don't have the time to watch longer ones. Make sure that the first 10 seconds are extremely engaging so that the viewer is compelled to watch further.

Message first, brand later: Do not introduce your brand or your sales pitch right at the beginning of the video. Let the viewer get your message first and then naturally proceed to your sales pitch.

Pay attention to your script: Since the script should be very tight, you should cut out all superfluous information. For instance, you don't have to state the obvious, but should instead give the viewer the information he or she is looking for.

Avoid statistics, tell a story: Your explainer video will only be catchy if it has an interesting story. Do not feature any statistics or information in it; instead tell the viewer how you can help solve his or her problems with your product or service.

Simple is best: Resist the temptation to offer multiple or complex messages in the video or else the effect will be lost.

Use a very good voice over artist: An attractive voice with the right modulation will help keep the viewer hooked to your video. Therefore, its best to hire a professional voice over artist instead of trying to save money by using an in-house resource.

Include a call for action: Make sure that your video also offers a call for action, preferably with the offer of free content or a service.

Budget is definitely an important factor when making explainer videos but fancy videos will not necessarily be effective and might even be counter-productive to your business goals. As long as you know exactly what your customers want then even a low-tech video can help you do increased business. In fact, these videos can become part of your social media strategy enabling you to attract increased targeted traffic to your website.


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