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Are All Western Boots Cowboy Boots?

When you think of Western boots you probably picture the ubiquitous cowboy boots. However, not all Western boots are cowboy boots. There are several varieties of Western boots offered by brands like Justin. Let's take a look at some of the different Western boot styles.


Ropers, as the name implies, are worn while performing calf-roping tasks at rodeos. They are closer in shape to work boots than cowboy boots. The roper heel is shorter than the heel on a traditional cowboy boot, which allows the wearer to smoothly dismount their horse and run down the calf. 


The Stockman boot is a good choice if the wearer is going to be their feet all day instead of in the saddle. Like the roper style, the Stockman has a shorter heel. It also features a rubber sole and a wider toe box, making them more comfortable than the traditional cowboy boot. If you're looking for a stylish yet practical boot, the Stockman features detailed and colorful stitching, making it a good choice.

Western Work Boot

Western work boots are made for, well, work. They are plain in design and are usually made of lower-quality leather, making them less costly than other styles of Western boots. They usually feature a traction rubber sole which reduces the risk of slip and falls for the wearer. Western work boots also provide comfort by featuring either a rounded or tapered toe box.


If you're looking for a boot with some added flair, then the buckaroo boot is for you. The buckaroo boot shaft features very intricate and detailed stitching not seen in other Western styles. They also feature heels higher than 2 inches, which make them a great choice for riding rather than walking around in. The buckaroo shaft often comes up to the wearer's knee, which makes them a popular choice for rodeo riders because their legs are protected while riding.

Cowgirl Boots

Of course, Western boots aren't just for boys and they aren't just for the ranch. Cowgirl boots come in so many colors and styles that they can be worn just about anywhere and with just about any outfit. Many celebrities have been spotted in public wearing cowgirl boots with everything from jeans to shorts to sundresses. Some, like Taylor Swift, have even worn them on the red carpet. 

Exotic Boots

While most cowboy boots and other Western boot styles are typically made from cowhide leather, there are a variety of boots made from more exotic materials. These materials include, but certainly aren't limited to, alligator skin, python skin, and ostrich skin. Exotic boots are more costly than other styles so you definitely don't want to wear them in settings where they could be easily ruined. However, if you have an event to attend where a little extra flair is welcome, exotic boots are a good choice. 

Now that you understand the differences between the different types of Western boots, you should have no problem finding the perfect pair. Enjoy those new boots!


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