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Best Latest Shoes that Every Women Should Try This

"Big girls need big diamonds,” that was according to Elizabeth Taylor. Though we love diamonds too, the shoe trends this forthcoming spring are simply stealing our attention and taking our breath away. Don’t let your outfit suffer from inappropriate shoes. See, there are moments when all that your basic white shirt and skinnies really needs is a great pair of heels to make a statement. This spring, it is easy to achieve the statement part. Surprisingly the convenience and comfort part of the equation is just as attainable.

The soles to satisfy your soul.

This spring, the runways were chock full of beautifully designed shoes. From the cute trainers to the sassy stilettos, it was hard coming up with the best of the best list of this season’s prettiest shoes. Here are the women’s latest shoes you need to see and put on right now:

Metallic shoes.  

Just as the dresses we loved watching on the runways were made from metallic garments and metallic threads, we also noticed the same shiny trend happening with the soles. There can be none other that is more chic and feminine than the pointed pumps we’ve seen on the Carolina Herrera show. The shoes were made from a metallic silver-grey base with dull floral prints on them. Imagine how beautiful and versatile this piece can be when you pair them with your plaid ruffle dress, khaki or even your skinnies.

Velvet pumps.  

The velvet craze from last season continues all the way to this forthcoming spring. Any pair of shoes with full velvet or a velvet detail like a bow on it will make a wonderful addition to your sole-ful collection.

Thigh high boots.  

Foldable in suedes or made with leather, just having this pair on you instantly rocks your supermodel side. We loved how Marc Jacobs artfully presented the thigh high boots that earns our nod and buy in this season. Make your boots a statement that attracts attention and deeper interest with art.

Fur shoes.

Other than the usual genuine, 100 per cent leather shoes, shoes with fur are the luxury shoes to own this spring. The fur trend in footwear is being driven from two fronts. One is headed by the traditionally classic and high fashion Gucci, while the other is from a cult and mass following which we are inclined to assume originated from digital fashion influencers. Whereas Gucci had the back half of their classic loafers lined with fur, the “pompom shoes” are seen on trainers, pumps and stilettos.

Boot-like shoes.

Victoria Beckham is the mastermind of one — the ankle bootie-like shoes with slit in the middle. However, we absolutely loved the calf-high platform shoes by Vera Wang. When worn with black socks, the shoes practically transforms into durable looking booties which every piece in her collection were paired with.

Bejewelled heels.  

This pair will have to count as one of our most favorite soles this season, and it was Gucci who nailed the style. Studded, embroidered, and intricately designed, these shoes are way beyond just satisfying your need for shoes under your feet. These are statement pieces that are surrounded by artsy designs all the way to the heels.

Light up pumps.

Who’s the mastermind? None other than the always fashion forward minds of Dolce and Gabbana. This pair is just as excellently designed and well-thought out as every other piece of clothing in their spring collection. From now on, light ups shoes are no longer just made for little kids.


We love how comfortable these huge, chunky shoes are. These will perfectly match practically every dress and ensemble you’ve worn with your trainers in fashion seasons past. The best creepers belong to Coach. Check out how the label’s designers paired these up luxuriously with everything from casual street clothing to flowy, floral office clothes. Want edge and convenience? This is it. You may be interested as well on how creepers have been adorned with pompom furs. That way, you can own both trends in one piece. Ain’t that a better deal?


Knocking off stylish outfits this spring requires more than just beautiful clothes to wear. You have to have a trained eye to complement your look with the shoes to match. Then, you have to work in the accessories — bags, sunglasses, head pieces and makeup. The most important consideration though is to use only what you are comfortable of using.


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